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dear mcu au creator | 2015

Below, you'll find the basics about me, followed by the specifics of my requests. Clicking on the arrow (→) will take you to my Tumblr tag for that relationship. For each relationship, I've tried to leave a few ideas for each AU. However, don't feel obligated to use them — let the AU takes you where it takes you.

I'm seeing Age of Ultron opening weekend in the states, so feel free to include details from the film. You can also choose to combine AUs and prompts, if you like.

Whatever you write, I'm certain I'll enjoy reading it. Thank you!



As you can see from the links above, I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere. If you have any questions, [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any of them, so feel free to DM her. You can also contact me via the mods, if you prefer.

Likes: alternate realities, apocalypse/post-apocalypse, bickering/UST, character studies, crossovers, enemies-to-lovers, fake/undercover relationships, fix-its, forced proximity, found families, friends-to-lovers, ghosts, hurt/comfort, mind-meld/soulbond, original characters, reincarnation/rebirth, road trips, robots, secret identities, time travel, time loops, world-building

Dislikes: abuse, alpha/beta/omega, bestiality, D/s, dub-con/non-con, genderswap, gore, graphic torture, incest, knotting, mpreg, pair the spare, scat, tentacles, voyeurism, watersports


I have a weakness for the Battle Couple trope, particularly with the MCU. With Maria and Steve, you have two characters who are competent fighters, strong strategists, and who possess a strong sense of duty. More importantly, these two recognize when duty requires sacrifice and always choose that sacrifice. Ideologically, Steve and Maria start at different points, but throughout The Winter Soldier, they find themselves more aligned. And I love that in pairings, too: two characters who share similar (if not identical) values and objects, but whose approaches to those put them at odds at first.

Also, I just love that Maria doesn't react to Steve the way anyone else does. Mostly, you have those who admire him (like Coulson, perhaps Sharon); then, you have those who just accept that he's there (like Natasha, at first); probably, those who are skeptical of him, who aren't sure he can be trusted. But Maria, she treats him like anyone else. He has to prove his worth, just like anyone else; he has to earn her trust, just like anyone else.

Then there's Steve, who probably looks at SHIELD and sees Peggy everywhere. Particularly agents like Maria and Sharon, who have inherited Peggy's legacy, in a sense. But Maria, well, she probably reminds him most of the Peggy he met, because he had to prove himself to her, too. And let's be honest, Steve thrives when he's proving himself.

So yes, I love all the ways that these two connect and the ways they clash, and how in the end, they come to genuinely care for and rely on each other.

AU - Apocalypse: Pick an apocalypse, any apocalypse. Zombies, virus, aliens, anything. You can make this canon divergent (an apocalypse beginning after The Avengers or after The Winter Soldier) or just completely AU (Steve wakes up to an apocalypse, meets Maria as SHIELD collapses). Either way, I'd just love to see these two learning to trust and rely on each other in the middle of the apocalypse.

AU - DC Fusion: Your choice here. You can give Steve a different origin story by borrowing from one of the DC heroes, or you can merge a DC canon with the MCU, or you could just have Maria and Steve stumble into a parallel world where the Justice League protects Earth. I'm partial to Superman and Lois Lane, so if you want to include DC characters, they'd be my choice.

AU - Dystopia: Choose your favorite dystopia or create your own. I'm partial to The Giver, 12 Monkeys, The Terminator, and all alien-created dystopias, but I'm here for whatever you come up with.

AU - Gladiators: I don't know what to say about this AU, exactly. I don't know if it's supposed to be a historical AU, or just an AU where gladiators are still a major thing, or what. I'm partial to a MCU where gladiators are still a major thing, but really, I'd just love to see Maria and Steve navigating that life. Alternatively, you might explore an AU where gladitorial games still exist, and SHIELD recruits from there.

AU - Soulmate-Identifying Marks: Maria seems like a woman with a complex, probably difficult, history. I'd love to see her in a world where soulmates exist. Is she a skeptic? Does she hate it? And then imagine Steve, particularly pre-serum Steve. That Steve probably saw so much hope and possibility in the idea of soulmates. And then he plunged into the ice without meeting her. Play with this trope as much as you want, because I want to read all versions of this.

AU - Supernatural Creatures (and Hunters): I'd just love to see what would drive someone like Maria to become a hunter AND drive someone like Steve to do so. Also, there's maybe a gray area in the world of creature hunting, where some hunters don't trust any hunter who underwent the transformation Steve did. That'd cause some great conflict between Maria and Steve, particularly if forced to work together.

Canon AU - Chitauri Invasion Successful: The Chitauri invasion is Steve's first fight after SHIELD thaws him. How would it affect him if they lost that battle? Would he be able to keep fighting? And what SHIELD, what would Maria be doing? I can't imagine her doing anything but fighting against Loki's rule.

Canon AU - Time Travel: I love time travel fic, so you can go any direction with this, really. Maybe it's something like Days of Future Past. Maybe one of Tony's inventions goes haywire and tosses Maria and Steve back in time — and they have to try to find a way home without disrupting the timeline. Or maybe they get thrown forward in time. I also love time loops and time dilation fields (time passes slower inside the field than outside, so anyone trapped inside runs the risk of aging and dying before those on the outside even know something has gone wrong), so if either of those interest you, go for it.


To be honest, I should have known I'd fall for Fitz/Skye the first time I watched "T.R.A.C.K.S." The episode gave us undercover-as-a-couple, Fitz and Skye sabotaging Ian Quinn, banter, and bonding. But hey, I let other pairings distract me, and I forgot about Fitz/Skye until this season.

Then Fitz tampered with Skye's tests, kept her secret, and comforted her. He promised her that she would be okay, that she was okay. He believed in her, because he understood. The damage to his brain left him fumbling, left him unable to help SHIELD; and ultimately, it left him outside looking in. Fitz knew losing Trip would make it more difficult for the team to accept Skye, so he did what he was afraid they wouldn't: he protected her, he chose to believe she wasn't broken.

In "Love in the Time of HYDRA" and "One Door Closes," Skye mentions watching movies with Fitz, and I love this image of them. Fitz finding quiet moments to keep Skye company, to give her a sense of normality, and Skye drawing on those memories to feel safe.

There's nothing romantic between them yet — we know Skye has Lincoln for a bit; Fitz likely still has feelings for Simmons — and perhaps there never will be. But I can't help imagining it: Fitz and Skye continuing to find understanding in each other, growing closer as the years pass, and then one day, suddenly seeing each other.

AU - Apocalypse: I'm here for most apocalypses, to be honest, and you can either write this as canon divergent (the Kree discover the Inhumans and return for them) or completely AU (Loki and the Chitauri win and Fitz/Skye meet in the aftermath). Or there's a pandemic (Terrigen Mist released everywhere, perhaps) or maybe even Ragnarok.

AU - Fringe Fusion: A favored FBI pastime: speculating about Phil Coulson's Fringe Division. Triplett joining isn't a surprise — he's third generation FBI, third generation supernatural enthusiast — but Agent May? Then there's the recruits: two scientists and a hacker. Or maybe Skye was part of the Cortexiphan trials, and after her powers activate, she joins Coulson's team. Either way: Fitz and Skye exploring the paranormal, the weird, and eventually, parallel worlds.

AU - Neighbors: This AU works with or without SHIELD, really. Fitz working for Caltech while Skye runs with a hacker group like Anonymous. Somehow, they end up embroiled in a government conspiracy coming unravelled. Or Fitz works for SHIELD at the Triskelion rather than on Coulson's team. He prefers to sleep in his lab because his neighbor, a hacker, likes to blast music at 3AM. They only discover that they both work for SHIELD by accident — or maybe when the Triskelion falls.

AU - Soulmate-Identifying Marks: Go traditional with this, if you want: Fitz and Skye discovering that they're each other's soulmates, dealing with that along with everything else happening in seasons 1-2. How does this affect Fitz's feelings for Simmons, by the way? Or you could go another way: What if Fitz and Skye aren't each other's soulmates, but they fall in love anyway? Anything with this trope and this pairing would be wonderful though.

AU - X-Men Movies Fusion: Whatever you want to do with this. I'd love to see the X-Men interact with Coulson's SHIELD, especially Bobby, Kitty, Rogue, etc, with Simmons, Fitz, and Skye. Maybe Skye joins the X-Men after her powers emerge. Or maybe the coordinates Coulson finds in the Toolbox takes them to Xavier's. If you want to incorporate Days of Future Past, that'd be great, too.

Canon AU - Grew Up Together: You could write this with Fitz as an orphan, too; or perhaps Skye is fostered with his family for a time, and after she leaves, they keep in touch. Or maybe Werner Reinhardt never found Jiaying again, so Skye remained with her parents, and eventually, they settled in Scotland.

Canon AU - Project Insight Successfully Launched: Assuming Skye and Fitz weren't targets, but Coulson, May, and perhaps even Trip (he's a legacy, after all) were. SHIELD is in shambles, most (if not all) of the Avengers are dead, and HYDRA is on the rise. People like Skye and Fitz (and Simmons) are all that's left of SHIELD as the world falls to pieces.


If you haven't seen this interview with Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson about Bruce/Natasha, consider giving it a watch. Ruffalo's description of the relationship is beautiful. He describes Bruce's desire for this relationship as "completely underdeveloped part of who he is," and I think that describes Natasha, too.

No one anticipates a connection between these two, least of all Bruce and Natasha. Prior to the Avengers, their lives were so dissimilar. But there's one thing they share that creates such a remarkable relationship: histories that read like origin stories for monsters (his literal and hers figurative). Natasha and Bruce aren't a Beauty and the Beast story, probably more like beast and the beast. Natasha's love won't tame the Hulk, won't quash Bruce's habit of distancing himself from others, and Bruce's love won't cause Natasha to lose sight of herself. This isn't seeing the beauty beneath the monster; it's seeing both the beauty and the monster, it's loving the person that creates.

For these two, I love to read: the connection between them blossoming; Bruce and Natasha discovering the depth of that connection; how they react to it, whether it's running from it or ignoring it or embracing it. Also: Bruce and Natasha share a dark sense of humor, which is great, and I'd love to see more fics highlighting that.

AU - Alternate Superheroes/Superpowers: In the comics, the Red Room has a variant of the Super-Soldier Serum, and each of the girls in the Black Widow program received it. I'd love to see that Natasha in the context of the MCU, assuming Age of Ultron doesn't reveal it as canon. Or maybe Natasha has different powers as a result of the serum. Maybe Bruce has different powers as a result of the experiments, perhaps successfully replicating the Captain America results?

AU - Dystopia: Choose your favorite dystopia or create your own. I'm partial to The Giver, 12 Monkeys, The Terminator, and all alien-created dystopias, but I'm here for whatever you come up with.

AU - Post-apocalypse: Give me pandemics or cataclysmic disasters or alien invasions. Give me Bruce and Natasha, human and powerless to stop what's happening; or give me Bruce and Natasha, superheroes and powerless to stop what's happening. Just surviving together.

AU - Space: Imagine the intensity of the Hulk in space, particularly one who isn't a superhero. Maybe Bruce and Natasha are aboard a colony ship, bound for a planet circling a distant star. Maybe they're fighting an intergalactic war. Maybe they're fugitives.

AU - Supernatural Creatures (and Hunters): We've all heard the story where Clint was sent to kill Natasha but chose to recruit her instead, but what about the version where Natasha is sent to put Bruce Banner down and chooses to save him instead? Or maybe Bruce and Natasha hunt supernatural creatures, but she doesn't know he's one himself? Or maybe the Hulk doesn't exist, so it's just Bruce and Natasha hunting various creatures from the comics, like these mysterious blue-skinned "aliens."

Canon AU - Chitauri Invasion Successful: What does Earth look like under Loki's rule? Did the Avengers fight until they couldn't anymore? Did they lose anyone? How do Bruce and Natasha cope with this world?