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Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading whatever you write. I love each of these relationships and have spent A LOT of time wishing for more fic for all of them.

Below the cut, you'll find general things and likes/dislikes, followed by the fandom/pairing specifics. Other than Do Not Wants, I'm flexible, so please don't feel obligated to stick to prompts or any of that.

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Thank you! I've chosen relationships that I love to read about (or in the case of crossover or original works, relationships I would love to read about), so I can't wait to see which we matched on!

For each relationship, I've include a few prompts, but feel free to choose from the tropes I've listed in my Likes… or ignore these suggestions all together and write whatever you want.

Aside from the Dislikes I've listed, I'm open to most anything. Write any rating you want, or feel free to experiment with style, structure, canon, whatever.

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Thank you! I'm thrilled that soon there'll be another fic for one of these pairings. Below the cut you'll find a little info about me — including likes and dislikes — followed by my requests and prompt suggestions. But I'm easygoing, I swear! Write the two characters in our matching relationship interacting in a meaningful way, avoid my dislikes, and I can say with confidence that I'll love whatever you write.

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Thank you! I'm pretty excited about the idea of reading more fic for any of these pairings, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Behind the cut, there's general info (likes, dislikes, etc), as well as some info about why I love each of these pairings. There's also a couple prompts for each pairing, but really, please feel free to write anything you like for them.