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Taken from the lovely [personal profile] damalur and [personal profile] ishie. Because I need to post more.
Pick a date below and give me a topic. It can be anything from fandom-related to irl to pizza preferences to whatever you want.

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject.

Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags/from the stuff I usually ramble about/from things you maybe wish I talked about more but don't.

December 01:
December 02:
December 03:

December 04:
December 05:
December 06:
December 07:
December 08: First Fictional Boyfriend ([personal profile] ishie)
December 09:
December 10: Ender's Game ([personal profile] damalur)
December 11:
December 12: If you had to name your child after a fandom character, who would it be and why? ([personal profile] notalwaysweak)
December 13:
December 14: Doctor/Rose ([personal profile] starlight)
December 15:
December 16:
December 17:
December 18:
December 19:
December 20: What Should Happen In The New Star Wars Movies ([personal profile] damalur)
December 21:
December 22: Fixing The Hunger Games ([personal profile] ishie)
December 23:
December 24: Favorite things about Christmas ([personal profile] starlight)
December 25:
December 26:
December 27: What are your thoughts on anonymity in fandom? ([personal profile] notalwaysweak)
December 28:
December 29:
December 30:
December 31: