Jun. 15th, 2014

galfridian: (Default)
THANK YOU! It's so awesome you're participating in this little exchange, not just because I get fic from you, but because you're part of making this possible. So yes, you got a mod, but I hope that doesn't make you wary. In general, I'm pretty easygoing; for this exchange, I'm happy with whatever. My desire to read ALL THE CROSSOSVERS EVER outweighs any thought I might have about a "perfect" fic. So please, have fun!

Behind the cut, you'll find a little more information about me (likes, dislikes, etc). You'll also find all the optional details for my requests. I tried to group fandoms with commonalties (with the exception of Pacific Rim, because really, who needs commonalties when you have characters as Jaeger pilots?), which I hope helps you, Writer. There are prompts for some of these potential crossovers, but not all of them. But in all seriousness, I want to read ALL of these crossovers, so whichever one you pick, I'll be thrilled.

(I've also included favorite characters/pairings. Feel free to include any of them, but I'll understand if you have other favorites you'd prefer to write about. Also, if you want to write crossover pairings, please do. I'll ready any!)