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crossovering | 2017

Hey! I'm glad you're here. I had to sit last year's exchange out, so I've been thinking about crossovers I'd like to see for almost two years.

I go by galfridian everywhere, so I should be easy to find. If you have any questions, you can direct them at [personal profile] weasleytook, my co-mod.

– Likes and Dislikes –

Likes: Enemies-to-lovers; undercover as a couple; marriage of convenience; stranded together; soulmarks and nontypical soulmarks; secret identities and two-person love triangles; time travel; time loops; ancient astroanuts; lost colonies; reincarnation; found families; etc.

Dislikes: Abuse; age regression; alpha/beta/omega; bodyswap; dub-con; genderswap; kidfic; non-con; knotting, incest, voyeurism.

Please note: I'm good with violence in fiction so long as the violence serves a purpose and isn't simply gratuitous. Please, please avoid any non-canonical use of miscarriage or infancy death. These are difficult subjects for me.

– Fandoms –

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV): I'm into basically everything this show chooses to be. I adore the characters and how the show has allowed them (and their relationships) room to breathe and grow.

I love Jake/Amy, but I think my favorite relationship on this show is Jake and Gina's. (I love best friends who've stuck it out all their lives.) Amy and Rosa's friendship is also fantastic. In general, Gina is my favorite character.

Captain America (Movies): The Winter Soldier remains my favorite film in the series because I love the triumvirate of Natasha, Sam, and Steve. Honestly? My kingdom for a heist movie with just these three.

... actually, I take that back. I'd also really, really want Sharon Carter to be there.

Of all those, I think Natasha and Steve's relationship is my favorite—platonic or romantic, it doesn't matter, I want so much more of them in the MCU. I wish Sharon/Steve had a little more breathing room before it became canon, but I'm very into them in The Winter Soldier and the aftermath of that.

Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis: I would love to see Narnia written from a more adult perspective. The events of the series aren't childlike by any definition, but I think they would be more grim if not from the perspective of children. I'm really interested in the Pevensies as young adults in Narnia before they stumble back into our world. I'm also interested in what comes "next" after the end of the world(s).

Susan and Edmund are my favorites, so I'd prefer something with one or both of them. I feel like Lewis' perspective on what young women "should be" did a disservice to Susan—that is, this his understanding of women like Susan lacked any depth. I'd love to see the changes in Susan be given more consideration.

Dragon Age: Inquisition; Dragon Age (Video Games): I chose both of these because I'm great with the games in general, but I didn't want to miss out on anyone offering just Inquisition.

There's so much I love about these games. I'm so into the lore and history and the fact that we really don't know everything that's happened in Thedas. I'm particularly interested in the elves and everything we learned about them in Inquisition... and all the questions that opened up.

To my great surprise, the character who ended up being my absolute favorite in these games is Cassandra Pentaghast. I love her so much.

I'm great with Cousland, Amell, Surana, and Mahariel for the Warden. I like most Alistair/Warden pairings or Zevran/Warden. I prefer female Hawke—generally, mage or rogue—and Fenris/Hawke.

I'm partial to female Trevelyan, but I also love female Lavellan and female Adaar. I love Alistair/female Trevelyan, Cullen/female Trevelyan, Cullen/female Lavellan, and Abelas/female Lavellan. Cassandra/Varric is definitely my OTP for the whole series.

The Good Place (TV): This might be my favorite show on TV right now. I'm more than a little sad that it has so few episodes. I will DEFINITELY watch season 2 as it airs, so if you want to incorporate anything that happens in those few new episodes, I'd be into it.

Eleanor is a bit of a garbage person, but I love her for it. (Actually, I think I love everyone in this show? Yes. I do.) She and Janet are probably my favorites, but I really love Chidi and Tahani.

I ship Eleanor/Chidi, but to be honest, I could probably get really into Eleanor/Michael. Also, "Real" Eleanor/Michael could also be great.

Labryinth (1986): Generally, I love any and all world-building for this movie. Where did the Labyrinth come from? What about Jareth? Is he one-of-a-kind or does he come from a line of rulers or once he once a stolen child? I also love when fics take things like "my kingdom as great" as literal. I definitely love Jareth/Sarah, where the power dynamic between them is equal.

Leverage: Every episode of this show as a little mini-heist, and I loved it. It didn't hurt that most of its characters were fantastic, or that it went hard for the whole "found families" thing.

Parker and Eliot are my favorites, but I honestly adore Hardison and Sophie as well. I like Nate, he's just my least favorite among the three. Parker/Eliot is probably my OTP, although I do love Parker/Eliot/Hardison; and obviously, I ship Hardison/Parker. I'm also into the idea of Sophie/Eliot.

The Mummy (1999): Let's just... ignore the movies that were made after this one, yeah? I just want Rick and Evie on more adventures, getting themselves into trouble because neither of them uses common sense 100% of the time. I want to see them getting out of trouble because together they're a great team. Also: flirting.

So yeah, Evie and Rick are my favorites, and they're my OTP here. I'm not so interested in the kids or any of that.

National Treasure (Movies): Treasure hunting! Founding fathers with conspiracies! An entire country built by people who found a secret treasure and HID it! I love these movies so much, and I really, really hope we eventually get a third. Wikipedia is a treasure trove (... pun unintentional, but I'm leaving it) of ridiculous things that Ben, Abigail, and Riley can search for.

I love Ben/Abigail/Riley as a triumvirate. I'd definitely read Abigail/Riley.

Push (2009): I love this movie because it features (a) superhumans (b) found families. I also like that this is a darker side to the whole superhuman phenomenon. This isn't Peter Parker and a radioactive spider; this isn't Clark Kent and alien biology; this isn't even human evolution creating mutants. It's the government and scientists tapping into something latent that isn't ready to show itself yet... and ultimately, that falls apart. It's the government treating people like lab rats and finding it annoying that it's difficult to dispose of people when you give them superhuman abilities. In short, it's a mess, and I'm kind of fascinated with it.

I really love the relationship Cassie and Nick develop, because he needs someone to cut through all the garbage with Kira, and he needs to feel like he's actually part of something. I like that he has an effect on her, too—that he gives her not JUST someone with whom she can be vulnerable, but someone she can look out for.

And yeah, I'm also really into Cassie/Nick when she's no longer a teenager. Definitely.

Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater: I fell in love with the world Stiefvater created. I only wish that they had found Glendower, if only because I wanted the world-building to keep going and going. Cabeswater is my favorite setting in the series, and I feel like you could do almost endless things with it.

Blue, Noah, and the Gray Man are my three favorite characters in the books, but I do genuinely love everyone. Maura/Gray Man is probably my ultimate OTP here. I love Blue's relationship with Noah, particularly in books 2-3; and I also love her relationship with Ronan, particularly in books 3-4. I have to say that my absolute favorite relationship is probably the Gray Man and Blue. I really loved reading their interactions.

Sanctuary (TV): When this show was good, it was GOOD. I really enjoyed some of the world-building, particularly when those things interacted with history. I LOVED the Hollow Earth stuff, and I almost wish they'd built that arc up more. I'd love to see more of that.

For me, Magnus and Will are the heart of the series. There's such a level of depth to their relationship, and I think it resonates—particularly in difficult moments. I like that Will acts as her "emotional compass," even before she loses Ashley; I like that he and Magnus challenge each other, but that they'll also protect each other under any circumstance.

Magnus, Will, Tesla, and Kate are my favorite characters here. I'm into Magnus/Will, Magnus/Tesla, Declan/Kate, and Garris/Kate.

Selfie (TV): I'm still so upset that this gem got cancelled. Karen Gillan was a perfect Eliza, and let's be honest, John Cho killed it as Henry. Their chemistry was fantastic, and this show was going to give me Henry/Eliza, and then ABC took it away.

(Like I said, I am upset.)

So what I really, really loved (aside from Gillan and Cho, obviously) is that this adaptation emphasized the influence Eliza has on Henry. It isn't just the Henry helps Eliza change for the better—she helps him change for the better, too.

Speed (1994): OK! Two confessions: first, I just saw this movie earlier this summer. I was in the mood for Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock, but I didn't want to watch The Lake House... so I was like "sure, why not." Second, I wish the first like 20 minutes of this movie didn't exist. Like I GET that we needed the set up, but I also feel like it could've been done better? Or shorter? So basically, I don't particularly care about Angry Man With a Bomb. He's just a plot device.

What I definitely care about is Jack and Annie. I mean, Keanu and Sandra have ridiculous chemistry, and it'd be a service to all of us if they'd co-star in another movie. But I just loved that Jack and Annie were so cheerful and teasing and supportive and great from the start. The movie is so enjoyable because it doesn't try to build up all this unnecessary unresolved sexual tension. They flirt, and they banter, and then they make out. And it's great. It's also great that they form a genuine connection. That last little bit on the train? Killed me. I was dead. Harry and I were Howard Payne's only true victims in this movie.

(Let's pretend the sequel never happened. I haven't seen it, so it's easy to pretend.)

Stargate SG-1: This franchise has it all: Aliens! Spaceships! The occasional cheesy plot it just leans into! Teams who become families! Amanda Tapping!

As the longest running show in the franchise, SG-1 went through it all. I came to the franchise later, after SG-1 and SG1 ended, but my love for it is fierce. "Unending" makes me cry A LOT. I even get a little teary-eyed just thinking about it. (Needed more Jack though.)

I think that Sam, Daniel, and Vala are probably my favorites in SG-1... but if you ask me in a couple of months, I might give you a slightly different list. For the sake of the letter, let's go with those three. Feel free to include others though.

I multi-ship like it's my job when it comes to SG-1. Here's an incomplete list: Jack/Sam. Daniel/Sam. Daniel/Vala. Martouf/Sam. Jonas/Vala. Cam/Sam.

Wonder Woman (2017): Almost two months later, Diana's theme for the DCEU is still my ringtone. Honestly, I could've watched two hours of Themyscira—with Steve Trevor washing ashore in the last few minutes—and it would've been incredible. I loved it all: Diana, the way the movie treated her, the fact that she got to be the hero. Diana was strong and stunning and genuine. I also loved that the movie didn't forget that behind every hero like Diana Prince or Steve Rogers, there are ordinary people trying to change the world for the better. I'm definitely on the Diana/Steve bandwagon here, but I'm also dying for some crossover ships.

X-Men (Alternate Timeline): So I am not the target audience for this timeline. These movies focus on young Erik, Raven, and Xavier—and more recently, Jean and Storm and such—and while these are all great characters and I genuinely enjoy these nonsense movies... I find I'm mostly interested in what happens in the time period explored by the original timeline films. I want to know what happens to Rogue and Kitty and the others. I want to know what happens in that HUGE gap between the alternate X3 and when Logan wakes up in the alternate timeline.

So... my favorites, as far as people who appear in a significant amount of the alternate timeline: Jean and Raven. Here for Raven/Charles, Raven/Erik, and probably also grownup!Jean/Charles. (I feel like their original timeline age difference is greater than the alternate timeline, but I don't know for sure.) Generally speaking, Rogue is my favorite character in this whole franchise—and always will be—and I'd love to see her somewhere in all of this. (Maybe post Logan?) I also love Kitty. Scott/Rogue is probably my favorite X-Men pairing.

– Request #1 –
Crossover/Fic. Fusion/Fic.

Captain America (Movies) ↔︎ Push (2009): Crossover: The United States establishes Division five years after the Allies establish the SSR—perhaps because of the Super Soldier Serum? Does Division's work derive from the serum? What's the story with Nick Gant and Steve Rogers? What happens when Cassie has a vision connected to Captain America?

Fusion: Maybe Division forms earlier. Maybe it's Division who creates the serum—or maybe there isn't a serum; maybe Division simply wakens Steve's Mover abilities. Alternatively, maybe there's no Division, and Cassie and Nick meet when they become super soldiers.

Captain America (Movies) ↔︎ Wonder Woman (2017): Crossover: Diana decides to infiltrate a HYDRA base to release prisoners of war... and in the middle of her rescue operation, she meets Steve Rogers. (In other words, Diana ends up with the Howling Commandos.) Alternatively, what if it was Steve Rogers who crashed into the waters surrounding Themyscira?

Fusion: Steve Rogers doesn't become Captain America—mostly, because there's no SSR and no Super Soldier Serum—but instead somehow finds himself stranded in Themyscira.

Captain America (Movies) ↔︎ X-Men (Alternate Timeline): Crossover: What if it's Xavier who finds Steve beneath the ice? Or maybe one of the X-Men gets caught up in the events of The Winter Soldier. Or maybe Natasha and Raven's paths cross when they're both sent to assassinate the same target.

Fusion: Xavier's School doesn't exit—and maybe no one really knows to define mutants as anything other than superhuman—so several of the people we know as X-Men end up working for SHIELD or the Avengers.

Push (2009) ↔︎ Wonder Woman (2017): Crossover: Perhaps Diana knew both Nick's father and Cassie's mother? Maybe she tries to look out for them, or she helps guide them toward meeting each other? Or maybe Nick and Cassie manage to create an alliance between Division fugitives, and maybe that alliance helps Diana in a fight?

Fusion: I would love to see Cassie in Themyscira. Maybe a shipwreck brought her there as an infant. Maybe she has a vision about Diana and finds the place herself.

Push (2009) ↔︎ X-Men (Alternate Timeline): Crossover: Sure, Division's superhumans aren't exactly mutants, but each of them possesses psychic abilities... and over time, their minds reach out to Xavier's. Appalled by this discovery, the X-Men team up with Division's test subjects (and their offspring). Alternatively, Cassie has visions about Dark Phoenix, which lead her and Nick to Xavier's doorstep... Unfortunately, they're too late.

Fusion: Cassie and Nick are mutants surviving together in a world increasingly inhospitable to mutantkind. Maybe they meet the X-Men, maybe they don't. Alternatively, there's a New Mutants film in the works. Maybe Cassie and Nick are two of the mutants being held there?

Wonder Woman (2017) ↔︎ X-Men (Alternate Timeline): Crossover: Well, I'm out of Steves to drop into Themyscira... So I suppose the Blackbird could crash land and deposit a whole mess of mutants there, if that's something that interests you. Or hey, Logan and Xavier seem to have no idea where the rest of the X-Men have fled during Logan... So maybe they've taken refuge in Themyscira?

Fusion: What if women we know as X-Men were Amazons instead? What if having different powers was normal among the Amazons? I'd also be into Diana as a member of the X-Men. They take children of gods, right?

– Request #2 –
Crossover/Fic. Fusion/Fic.

Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis ↔︎ Dragon Age: Crossover: I wonder if the Wood Between the Worlds and the Crossroads might intersect. Could an eluvian lead to the Wood? Is it possible that dragons exist in one world because they were brought over from another? What if the Pevensies found the Wood Between the World... and then found Thedas? Or what if someone like Cassandra found herself in Narnia as a child?

Fusion: Susan Pevensie as the Inquisitor... or as the Hero of Ferelden... or okay, hear me out? Susan as Andraste. I would also be good with Edmund in one of these rules, either as an alternative or in addition to Susan having one of the roles.

Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis ↔︎ Labyrinth (1986): Crossover: Some time between the books, One of the Pevensie children wishes the others away. Jareth hasn't taken three children away at once before, and as it turns out, trying it out with the Pevensies is a terrible idea. Maybe the Labryinth is simply another puddle leading to another world in the Wood Between the Worlds.

Fusion: The Pevensies are the young queens and kings of a magical country whose alliance with Jareth's kingdom is tenuous, at best. Or maybe the Labryinth exists within Narnia.

Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis ↔︎ Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater: Crossover: I wouldn't be surprised of Cabeswater connected to the Wood Between the Worlds somehow. I mean, we are talking about two magical forests. The Raven King suggests that Blue and her boys still have adventures yet to come—perhaps some of those take place in Narnia. Perhaps some of those take place alongside the adventures of the Pevensies. Alternatively, maybe they still don't find Glendower, but they do find a sleeping king. (Preferably, Edmund, but Peter would be great, too.)

Fusion: No one's going to come to Narnia from a faraway world to save it from the White Witch—so Blue and the boys set out to save their home themselves. Or maybe the Pevensies come to live with the Professor, a man obsessed with ley lines and sleeping kings, and have adventures on Earth rather than Narnia.

Dragon Age ↔︎ Labyrinth (1986): Crossover: When I sat down to consider Crossovers between these two canons, my first thought was this: Jareth versus Morrigan. I can't tell you HOW or WHY, but I can tell you it would be highly entertaining. You could—of course—have one of the Thedas characters wish away a sibling. (Hawke being the obvious candidate for this.) I'd also enjoy something where Jareth gets kicked out of the Labyrinth and finds himself in Thedas, and no one believe he's a king, they just think he's this weird hedge mage running around with a bunch of creatures he probably created out of mud or something.

Fusion: Thedas is just one continent... so what if Jareth were a king of a country on another continent. (Not necessarily the Labryinth, but there could be a labyrinth.)

Dragon Age ↔︎ Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater: Crossover: Again, these canons provide easy travel. The eluvians could lead anywhere, and honestly, who knows what could happen in Cabeswater? Maybe the Inquisitor pursues some Darkspwan through an eluvian and into Cabeswater while Blue and the others are milling about. Or maybe there's a king missing from Thedas, and he's asleep in some woods on Earth? Or maybe Blue and the others stumble upon Thedas and have their weirdest-slash-best adventure yet, with outright magic and dragons.

Fusion: I would love to the Raven Cycle characters as inhabitants of Thedas. I think Ronan might be an apostate mage, because could you imagine him in a Circle? Adam is probably a hedge mage, learning from Blue's mother and aunts. Noah is a spirit, similar to Cole. I think Blue would be great as a Seeker, since they have the whole Tranquility/reversed Tranquility thing. It'd fit her whole "be a mirror" thing well. (Also, I think the Gray Man as a Seeker would be so, so good, too.) Gansey would be... I don't know, I'd say templar, but to be honest he's probably a Chantry nerd or maybe he spends all his time reading books. I imagine Gansey's life would be much like rogue or warrior Trevelyan's before the Conclave.

... okay, this got away from me. If you want to write a fusion like this, please do not feel like I'm demanding all these specific circumstances.

Labyrinth (1986) ↔︎ Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater: Crossover: Tell me about the time that Blue wished Orla away and then had to trek through some singing egomaniac's labyrinth to retrieve her. (Alternatively, Blue wishes Ronan away. I think everyone has wanted to.) Or maybe Ronan dreams about the Labyrinth—somehow, he's connected to it; perhaps he and his father are descendants of the same people as Jareth—and brings it to reality. Or maybe Cabeswater just leads them to the Labyrinth some day.

Fusion: You could have Jareth as someone who's as obsessed with ley lines and sleeping kings as Gansey is. Or maybe they're all from the reality Jareth's from, just from neighboring kingdoms.

– Request #3 –
Crossover/Fic. Fusion/Fic.

Leverage ↔︎ The Mummy (1999): Crossover: You may need to get creative here... maybe ignore timelines a little, if necessary. But maybe someone steals something from Rick and Evie—that they've kept locked up for good reasons, thank you—and the Leverage team retrieves it. Or... I don't know, somehow the Leverage team time travels gets involved in the events of the first film, or perhaps something that happens afterward.

Fusion: Parker's thieving leads to a near apocalypse when she tries to steal an entire mummy and awakens him instead.

Leverage ↔︎ National Treasure (Movies): Crossover: Imagine Parker and Ian Howe as enemies. Imagine Parker learning that he plans to steal the Declaration of Independence, so she decides she's going to beat him to it. Imagine a three-way race between Ian, Parker, and Ben. Alternatively, maybe Ben (or Riley or Abigail) buys something rare and valuable that Parker really wants, so she tries to steal it. Or maybe the Leverage crew helps restore the Gates family name.

Fusion: What if the Leverage crew were treasure hunters instead? What if they were the ones searching for Charlotte and her treasure?

Leverage ↔︎ Stargate SG-1: Crossover: Apparently, the writers—including Dean Devlin, who cowrote and produced the original Stargate film—had this whole "headcanon" backstory for Eliot where he was on a Stargate team. So like... I would really, really love to read that. Especially if this secret past of his somehow intersected with his current life, so you get Parker and Hardison—imagine Hardison!—and a Stargate. Also, I feel like Vala and Sophie would probably really get along.

Fusion: Alternatively, maybe the Leverage team is just a Stargate team. Specialities are your choice, although of course Hardison being a nerd could make him much like Daniel. I'd definitely also read SG-1 as a heist team.

The Mummy (1999) ↔︎ National Treasure (Movies): Crossover: Again, you may need to play with the timeline a little... But maybe Ben's grandparents knew Rick and Evie, and then Rick and Evie call in a favor as they're getting older? (Or again, I would take Something Something Time Travel.)

Fusion: Ben Gates seeks out a fabled Egyptian treasure, despite Riley's repeated protests and absolute conviction that this will end with a horde of mummies chasing them.

Riley does not like being right.

The Mummy (1999) ↔︎ Stargate SG-1: Crossover: Evie and Rick fight Imhotep in 1926. Catherine Langford's father uncovers the Stargate in 1928. What if Evie, tremendous nerd that she is, happens to be there when Langford finds the Stargate? What if she joins the team studying it? What if another solar flare brings SG-1 back to the time that the Stargate was first discovered and studied, so they meet Evie and Rick? (Rick's glad that this time they're probably not going to wake up any mummies. Probably.)

Fusion: What if Evie and Rick find the Stargate rather than waking Imhotep? What if they met the so-called "gods" of Egypt?

National Treasure (Movies) ↔︎ Stargate SG-1: Crossover: Ben, Abigail, and Riley pursue leads and clues for a treasure... that ultimately leads them to the Stargate program. Oops? Or hey, maybe Ben's grandmother knew the Langfords?

Fusion: Ben, Abigail, and Riley as a Stargate team... Probably mostly away from the fighting, after teams like SG-1 have handled first contact and any possible hostiles. Or you know, Daniel Jackson would probably be into treasure hunting, and Vala and Jack would be great companions for that.

– Request #4 –
Crossover/Fic. Fusion/Fic.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) ↔︎ The Good Place (TV): The Nine-Nine all "wake up" in the Good Place. This could be a crossover—so we get to see the incredible mess that is Eleanor, Gina, and Tahani; and we get to see Jake with Janet, which would be so great—or as a fusion. Maybe Michael and Wuntch faceoff?

Crossover: So... I don't know, maybe "The Good Place" is less a hellish afterlife and more a reality TV show? Or maybe the characters just live in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, and there are hijinks.

Fusion: Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, etc, as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine squad.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) ↔︎ Selfie (TV): Crossover: Eliza and Henry travel to New York for a work event and somehow meet the Nine-Nine. Maybe they're witnesses to a crime—or victims of a mugging—or maybe they just end up in the same bar as the Nine-Nine.

Fusion: So... I've thought about this, and I would probably be really into Eliza in a role like Gina's at the Nine-Nine, and then Henry as a detective. This would be... Good. So good. Alternatively, how great would Amy-as-Henry and Jake-as-Eliza be? She tells everyone she's "Pygmalion-ing" Jake, and he tells everyone that she's "She's All That-ing" him, and they're a disaster.

The Good Place (TV) ↔︎ Selfie (TV): Crossover: I cried a little when I thought about this. So you have Eliza and Eleanor—both people who should fall short of the Good Place by a considerable margin—and Chidi and Henry. Maybe Henry and Eliza already know each other when they die—maybe it's a hilarious, this-could-only-happen-with-Eliza type of accident—and so Henry pretty much knows he's going to cover for her from the start. (With considerable eye-rolling as Eliza protests every implication that she SHOULDN'T be in the Good Place.) Or maybe they don't know each other, and it's a situation like Chidi and Eleanor's. Or maybe Michael pairs up Chidi/Eliza and Henry/Eleanor when he resets everything. There are so many possibilities here, and I just really love the idea of Eliza and Eleanor creating chaos.

Fusion: As much as I would enjoy a crossover here, I would also love a fusion: Perhaps Corynn (Eliza's old high school rival in the series) takes on Michael's role? Eliza is someone who ends up in The Good Place "accidentally" and must rely on Henry to help maintain her cover. Alternatively, Chidi and Eleanor as a Henry and Eliza would be great, too.

– Request #5 –
Crossover/Fic. Fusion/Fic.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) ↔︎ Speed (1994): Crossover: Let's imagine for a moment that the events of Speed aren't a film in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine universe, but something that actually happened. I think we can all picture just how much of a nerd Jake Peralta would be if he ever met Jack Traven, and obviously, Rosa and Amy would be all about Annie and her contributions and all of that. So just... the Nine-Nine working a case with Jack, who maybe moved to New York? (Seriously, Speed 2 never happened.)

Fusion: Or I suppose Jack could just be a former member of the Nine-Nine, maybe someone younger than Hitchcock and Scully, but who transferred out before Jake joined. Or of course, a few members of the squad could find themselves in a situation like Speed, and Jake would think it's the coolest.

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