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not prime time | 2017

Thank you! I'm definitely excited to see what you write! I've included prompts (because I find that they're helpful), but I hope you'll write anything you want.

After all my request info, you'll find general info, including likes/dislikes. I'm happy to answer any questions through the mod, so please don't feel like you have to guess! I hope this letter helps you out. (If it doesn't, feel free to throw anything out except the dislikes!)

Dragon Age II

You might've noticed a theme with this one. I love Cassandra. I love her at least as much as I love Hawke. (I might love her more?) So in general, I'd love to see her engaged with characters she's spent little (or no) time with.

Other things I love: Hawke, Merrill, Isabela, Aveline, Varric, Leliana, Alistair. Tevinter and Nevarra. Elven lore and history. Dwarven lore and history. Merrill and Varric's friendship. Hawke and Varric's friendship, of course.

(If you decide to incorporate DA:I, other favorites include: Dorian, Cole, Josephine, Dagna.)

Alistair/Cassandra Pentaghast: Honestly, just imagine this one. Alistair makes light of… most everything… while Cassandra hasn't cracked a joke yet. Of course, the two share a keen sense of duty, and they would appreciate that in each other. Also, as awkward as an Alistair romance in Origins might be, he tries. He's a flirt, but he's genuine. I think he'd slip past Cassandra's defenses by way of her romantic sensibilities. I'd prefer King Alistair or Warden Alistair, but if rehabilitating Drunk Alistair appeals to you, by all means, yes.

  • In her search for the Hero of Ferelden, Cassandra pays a visit to Redcliffe and to the King of Ferelden. He's decidedly more charmed by her interrogation techniques than Varric.

  • Sometime after the Divine declares her the Hero of Orlais, Cassandra's duties and travels cross her path with Alistair's. They don't meet again until she begins searching for the Hero of Ferelden.

  • To ease tensions with Ferelden—and perhaps avoid an Exalted Council—Leliana sends Cassandra to Redcliffe on behalf of the Inquisition. Exasperated, Josephine accompanies Cassandra. To soften her edges. Then the king takes an immediate liking to her, edges and all, and it turns out Josephine needn't have bothered.

  • An alternative to the previous prompt: Skyhold arranges a marriage between the Inquisition and Ferelden, either with the Inquisitor or Cassandra as Alistair's intended bride.

Cassandra Pentaghast/Varric Tethras: For me, Cassandra and Varric are like… the perfect storm of tropes. Begin with banter and a storyteller. Add a little belligerent sexual tension. Mix with moments of concern and/or kindness. Top with the potential for a battle couple.

Joking aside, I genuinely love these two. Their first meeting isn't the most auspicious beginning, obviously, but they soften toward each other as the Inquisition forms. Of course, we're mostly talking about Dragon Age II—although I wouldn't be opposed to fic set within or after Inquisition—so I'm interested in the ways their relationship might've developed under (slightly) different circumstances.
  • The Divine once again sends her Left Hand to appraise Kirkwall, but this time, she also sends her Right Hand. Leliana and Cassandra arrive hours after Hawke defeats Meredith and dispatch their men who help with reconstruction. Leliana advises Cassandra to go to the Hanged Man to hear the story from Varric.

  • Disaster closes Kirkwall College, forcing Varric Tethras to transfer to Skyhold University—much to the annoyance of Seekers recruit, Cassandra, who once questioned him about Kirkwall. Mostly, Cassandra and Varric interact through social media, until circumstances force them to work together.

  • Honestly, I'm surprised Varric never teases Cassandra about her own heroic title. What if—rather than meeting during an interrogation—Varric tracked her down for an interview, so that he could write his own version of her story?

  • The Inquisitor dissolves the Inquisition, but before her companions depart, the Exalted Council identifies a spy among their rank. When the spy escapes through the Eluvian, the Inquisitor, Cassandra, and Varric follow, eventually finding themselves in the Fade. Here, they're aided by the one person Varric Tethras never expected to see again: Hawke.

Merrill & Cassandra Pentaghast: Generally, when I think of Merrill and Cassandra, I imagine the two meeting after the events of Inquisition. I think Merrill would be swayed to admiration after hearing about Cassandra: Seeker, dragon hunter, Hero of Orlais. Cassandra would have her worries about Merrill, of course—Blood Mage and all—but I think she'd become rather fond of her the way Varric did.
  • Cassandra comes to Kirkwall to ask Merrill about the Hero of Ferelden, who belonged Merrill's adoptive clan. Somehow, the Blood Mage with her lilt and her naivety gets under Cassandra's skin.

  • When Varric and the Seeker depart Kirkwall, Merrill stows away. Once they're well on their way, Merrill emerges from her hiding spot to give Cassandra a piece of her mind—or to rescue Varric, she hasn't decided which, yet.

  • Merrill manages to restore and reconnect her Eluvian, which leads to a series of disasters that bring the Seekers of Truth to her doorstep.

  • Sometime after the Inquisition, Cassandra comes to Kirkwall—reason: your choice—and meets Hawke's friends. Knowing that this Seeker is the Hero of Orlais (and having heard more than few tales of Cassandra's prowess in battle) renders Merrill a little star-struck.

Girl Meets World

Ah, Girl Meets World. Over before its time. A little corny sometimes, sure, but I felt it jived well with Boy Meets World. I've only requested Maya, Riley, and Farkle here, but it isn't because I don't love the others and those relationships. I'm particularly fond of Zay. From the original series, I love Eric best.

Maya Hart & Riley Matthews & Farkle Minkus: In the beginning, it was Maya-and-Riley-and-Farkle. I think the longevity of their friendship shines through: how well each one knows the other two (… generally, when no one reads what they want in another person's behavior), the absolute and unconditional way they love and accept each other.

  • What if Topanga had accepted the offer and the Matthews moved to London? How would that affect their friendships? In what ways would their bond(s) evolve? Would Maya and Farkle come to rely on each other more?

  • I'd love your take on a classic Boy Meets World episode: Disney World? Maya and Riley dress as boys for a story? The group fights and imagines a future where they aren't friends?

  • Graduation has come and gone. College looms ahead. Maya, Riley, and Farkle embark on a road trip, like Cory and Shawn before them.

  • Flash forward 13 years. What do their lives look like? What about their relationships? What happens when their graduating class reunites after ten years?

Riley Matthews/Farkle Minkus: I love these two. Like Maya and Riley, there's such a genuine depth to their friendship. I think in some respects, Farkle sees Riley a little more clearly than Maya does—I think they both see things about one another that others don't see. (Her Christmas gift to him this past season is a great example.) I'm really taken with the idea of Riley/Farkle as analogous to Cory/Topanga.

  • If Topanga had accepted the job and taken the family to London, could that be a catalyst for realization for Riley and/or Farkle? What if Farkle come to visit?

  • Repeating another prompt: Riley and Farkle traveling together in the summer between senior year and college. Seeing Farkle outside of their corner of the world paints in him a new light.

  • Smackle graduates a year early. Lucas returns to Texas for his senior year. In the wake of their departures, Zay and Maya's friendship grows, and Riley and Farkle's relationship changes.

  • I'd also love to see Farkle and Riley's relationship as told through a series of nights spent by her window.

Mass Effect

I love plenty about the Mass Effect universe, but I love the characters most. I'm one of those people who has to play Shepard's party several times. I particularly love Garrus, Thane, Mordin, Wrex, Kasumi, Tali, Legion, and EDI.

I'm curious about what happens in the Milky Way after the trilogy ends—although ideally with a Shepard who lives. I generally play Shepard as an Infiltrator, but I also have a fondness for Vanguard.

Thane Krios/Female Shepard: I did not anticipate Thane Krios. I knew about Garrus. I knew I'd love Shepard with Garrus. I did not know about Thane. Even as I played his recruitment quest, I was unaware. Then he dropped from the ceiling and… Yeah, I was into it. I'd committed to a Garrus romance, so I toed the line with Thane throughout that first play.

I love the tragedy of the Shepard/Thane romance. Shepard died only to be resurrected by Cerberus. Then Cerberus led her straight to an assassin suffering a terminal illness. He has regrets—ghosts—and so does she. But he gives himself to her cause, and she helps him reconnect with his son, and somehow they mend. Just a little.

  • Shepard reaches the afterlife, waking on a shore. But this isn't the afterlife as Thane believed it, and if she's here, perhaps he is, too.

  • Somehow, Shepard and Thane survive the war, but living with decisions she had to make takes its toll. Meanwhile, Thane struggles to recover from the injuries that nearly killed him and the surgery that saved his life, ill-at-ease with his newfound longer life expectancy.

  • Before Shepard returns to Earth to face court-martial, she and her squad work together to unravel a murder mystery. Turns out, Thane's detective skills are as sharp as his assassin skills.

  • Thane survives Kai Leng's attack. The crew sneaks him out of Huerta Memorial Hospital for Shepard's party.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Okay, so Andromeda wasn't perfect, right? But that's okay, because it's set us up for some good things. In some ways, we're seeing the beginning of a culture. Its roots are in how the Milky Way did things, but it began changing as soon as ships hit the Scourge.

I'm also really interested in: the Jardaan (what happened to them? are they still around? why create other species?); this unnamed enemy who seems to have created the Scourge; the Quarian Ark (give me all the Quarians and the Drell; I love these two races).

Female Ryder | Sara & Male Ryder | Scott: I like that the Ryder twins aren't interchangeable: No matter which one you play, Sara was born first; Scott was assigned to an outpost near the Arcturus Relay; Sara dug up Prothean artifacts. I'd like to see what happens now that Andromeda has to deal with two of them. I'm also curious about SAM and his connection to the twins. Is it easy for SAM to connect with Scott because of Sara? Does SAM increase their twin intuition?

  • After Scott (or Sara, if that's your preference) recovers, the Pathfinder takes their twin on a tour of Andromeda's best spots.

  • The crew of the Tempest adjusts to two Ryders. The Ryder twins adjust to fighting together in the field.

  • Everyone expects the Pathfinder's twin to request a post on the Tempest, but they join a different Pathfinder team instead. The Ryder twins have always taken their own paths, but they come back to each other in the end.

  • Sara and Scott lead an elite team on a covert mission to find and investigate the Quarian Ark.

Female Ryder | Sara/Reyes Vidal: Starting this game, I thought I'd go full-Jaal and never look back. Enter Reyes. I love the ease of their relationship. Obviously, I'd love to see Reyes prove he's finished deceiving her, but assuming that happens… I think Reyes can bring a little lightness where Sara shoulders so much weight, and I also think they work great as partners, working toward each of their own ends. I'm also super into how unprepared for Sara he was.

  • Someone suspects that Reyes is the Charlatan. In order to kill that suspicion, Reyes leaves Crux "in charge" of the Collective while he takes a vacation on the Tempest.

  • Reyes meets Scott—the human Pathfinder—first. After Sara recovers, she goes with her brother to Kadara, where she and the Charlatan catch one another's eye.

  • Someone has figured out who the Charlatan is. Rather than try to order a hit on Reyes, they frame him for a gruesome crime. As Sara helps to clear his name, her insecurities about his honesty with her come to the surface.

  • I loved how easily Sara and Reyes slipped into a romance, but I'm also always here for slow burns. So what if Sara had flirted with him but hadn't pushed it? How would their relationship change after the game?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I loved the movie—particularly that shot of the zords with the theme—but it made me nostalgic for the original cast. I respect how the producers have always just gone all in with the absurdity of the lore and the monsters and all of that.

I've only requested Kimberly and Tommy, but I'd love to see any of the others included. I'm only familiar with the show through Turbo, with a little smattering of Dino Thunder.

Kimberly Hart/Tommy Oliver: I'm one of those people: I was devastated by Kim's departure. I vividly remember the episode with THE LETTER, because tiny little me was so annoyed. The graceless and abrupt transition into Tom/Kat soured the show for me.

I haven't watched the show since I was little, but I remember so much of Tom/Kim. Her crush; the beginnings of their relationship; the episode where Tommy came back as the White Ranger; etc.

  • Tom discovers that there's a second Power Rangers team operating across the world. When he investigates, he's surprised to discover that their leader is Kim.

  • An attack on Earth momentarily weakens the barriers between realities. Tommy meets a Kimberly who left the Rangers much later—a Kimberly married to her reality's Tommy. With the barriers closed, only touching this reality's Kim will allow the alternate Kim to return home; she enlists Tom's help in finding her.

  • They'd always expected that any apocalypse would be connected to enemies of the Rangers, but the universe is infinite, and it brings a new danger to Earth. Somehow, Tom and Kim both find themselves in the Resistance.

  • Forces beyond their control reunite Earth's original Rangers, now much older and wiser, settled into lives that don't include each other. But like when they were teens, they find that it's better together.

Likes, Dislikes, Etc.

I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere. (AO3. Tumblr. Twitter.) Please don't hesitate to contact the mod(s) if you have any concerns or questions!


  • Relationships shifting and evolving: enemies-to-friends; friends-to-lovers; enemies-to-friends-to-lovers; lovers-to-enemies; etc.

  • Pretend relationships as catalysts for honest-to-goodness relationships: undercover; witness protection; marriage of convenience, etc.

  • Two (or more) characters stuck in a forced proximity situation: stranded somewhere; snowed-in; road trip, etc.

  • Soulmates and soulmate-identifying marks: nontypical soulmark stories; soulmates/soulmarks as outliers rather than common; characters with multiple soulmates; romantic soulmates; platonic soulmates.

  • Characters with secret identities: superheroes; royalty in disguise; YOU'VE GOT MAIL-like plots; two-person love triangles resulting from secret identities; revelation of said secret identities.

  • Time tropes: celestial deadlines; time travel; time stands still; time dilation; time loops; year inside/hours outside; hours inside/years outside.

  • Space tropes: ancient astronauts; colony ships; elves-in-space; faster-than-light travel; generation ships; lost colony; space marines; space opera.

  • Miscellaneous: crossovers; gen; het; hurt/comfort; amnesia; angst; confessions; apocalypses; world-building; building-to-relationship; pre-relationship; unresolved sexual tension; resolved sexual tension; epistolary fic; reincarnation; science fantasy, apocalypse/post-apocalypse; canon divergent AUs; found families; robots.

  • Dislikes:

  • Kinks: alpha/beta/omega, dub-con, non-con, knotting, incest, voyeurism.

  • Tropes: abuse, age regression, bodyswap, genderswap, kidfic.

  • Please note: I'm good with violence in fiction so long as the violence serves a purpose and isn't simply gratuitous. Please, please avoid any non-canonical use of miscarriage or infancy death. These are difficult subjects for me.

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