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rare pair fest | 2016

Thank you! I've chosen relationships that I love to read about (or in the case of crossover or original works, relationships I would love to read about), so I can't wait to see which we matched on!

For each relationship, I've include a few prompts, but feel free to choose from the tropes I've listed in my Likes… or ignore these suggestions all together and write whatever you want.

Aside from the Dislikes I've listed, I'm open to most anything. Write any rating you want, or feel free to experiment with style, structure, canon, whatever.

Info, Likes, & Dislikes

I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere. (AO3. Tumblr. Twitter.) If you have any questions, [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any of them, so feel free to DM her. You can also contact me via the mods, if you prefer.


  • Evolving relationship dynamics, such as friends-to-lovers, and enemies-to-lovers, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers.

  • Undercover or otherwise fake relationships as catalysts for genuine relationships.

  • Two characters stranded together, or on a roadtrip together, or snowed-in together. Any type of close proximity fic.

  • Soulmarks and soulmate-identifying marks. Multiple soulmates and/or meaningful relationships outside of soulmates.

  • Secret identities, whether superhero or secret agent or You've Got Mail-style. Two-person love triangles created by secret identities.

  • Time tropes such as time travel, Groundhog Day-style time loops, time dilation (such as Year Inside, Hour Outisde) alternate timelines.

  • Miscellaneous: Hurt/comfort, amnesia, confessions, apocalypses, world-building, building-to-relationship, pre-relationship, UST, RST, epistolary fic, reincarnation.

  • I would rather not read these kinks: Alpha/beta/omega, dub-con, non-con, knotting, incest, voyeurism.

  • I would rather not read these tropes: abuse, age regression, bodyswap, genderswap, kidfic.

  • A note about violence: Aside from abuse, I'm fine with violence, so long as it furthers the plot. Also, I prefer not to read graphic descriptions of gore.

Girl Meets World

Unsurprisingly, I grew up watching Boy Meets World every week, and so I was hopeful—although admittedly cautious—about a sequel series.

Girl Meets World isn't perfect, but I think it's maturing and improving. It definitely has the heart and charm of the original series. I love the callbacks to Boy Meets World and the way it honors those relationships, but I also appreciate that it doesn't try to follow the original series beat-for-beat.

In addition to Farkle/Riley, I also ship Lucas/Maya and Smackle/Zay, should you want to incorporate other pairings.

Riley Matthews/Farkle Minkus

I'm honestly so delighted they chose to include Minkus's son. To have Minkus disappear from Boy Meets World after season 1—apart from his cameo at graduation—only to have his son so integral to the sequel series is just perfect.

I love Farkle and Riley's friendship. He's so consistent with his support and loyalty to her, even if he miscalculates sometimes, and he probably understands her almost as well as Maya does. Her happiness matters to him. Likewise, Riley understands him. Conversations like the one in "Girl Meets Permanent Record" really show how at ease they are with each other.

But… there's an undercurrent. I think their feeling for one another are more complex than they realize. Take their confrontation in "Girl Meets High School," for example. There was a lot of intensity in that moment.

Also, I'm just really taken with the idea of these two friends falling in love with each other… especially after they've both already dismissed the possibility.

Optional prompts:

  • Now that they're in high school, maybe Farkle and Riley could be paired together on a more long-term project, something that forces them to spend more time alone.

  • I'm always curious about the alternate directions series could've taken. What if Maya and Riley met Lucas first? What if Farkle didn't move to New York (and into their lives) until high school?

  • Disney might not let the series run long enough for us to see what happens to this generation after high school, as they approach adulthood, so anything set in college or later would be great. What do their futures look like? Have Farkle and Riley found their way to each other yet?

Law & Order: SVU

Confession: I haven't seen most of SVU. I always enjoyed Criminal Intent more, and anytime I considered catching up, it just seemed like a lot. So earlier this year, I just started with season 14.

To be honest, I love where it's at now, with Olivia at the center. She's earned it (as has Mariska). I know I've missed out on some great moments (and characters), but I can't imagine going back.

Rafael Barba/Olivia Benson

I kept seeing Barba and Benson on my dashboard, week after week, and in the end, they're why I decided to watch. I knew that like most L&O pairings, canon wasn't likely, but I was charmed by them.

I love the give-and-take of their rapport, that they know how to hold their own against one another, but they also respect each other. Also, there's a fair amount of bantering, which of course I have a weakness for. I think they've really come to care for each other, and despite the fact that canon seems to have chosen a strictly platonic path for that, I'd love to see more.

Optional prompts:

  • "Townhouse Incident" could have been great for Barba and Benson. He was there, he was distressed, and then... he disappeared from the episode. I'd love to read an alternate take on this, or at the least, something set immediately afterward.

  • In the season finale, we see that Barba has threats coming from all over the place. How does he handle the constant fear? How does Benson handle seeing those effects? What if someone got too close to him?

  • 3. I'd love your take on the classic "stuck in an elevator" (or sub-basement or whatever) trope!

Dominick "Sonny" Carisi Jr./Amanda Rollins

I did not see this one coming. After all, I started watching this show for Barba and Benson, so I was not expecting another ship to come at me so hard. (Of course, I also wasn't expecting to love Carisi himself as much as I do, so there's that, too.)

I just really, really love the way their relationship has evolved. At first, there was a little bit of antagonism—he didn't make the greatest first impression on anyone—which shifted into a sibling dynamic. Then one day, they were friends, and as Carisi came into his own, I think the trust and respect between them grew.

Then Rollins got pregnant, and I think this was the tipping point for me: Even before Rollins gets sick on the beach, Carisi has suspicions that something's off; and then, he blooms into this genuinely supportive person. A genuinely supportive person who still gets under her skin, but someone who's consistent, who's there for her.

Then of course, there's all the little moments after Jessie is born: their walk together; Rollins looking after Carisi after "Sheltered Outcasts"; the pair of them watching garbage reality TV together. Maybe the show won't veer toward canon, maybe it will, but I can't get enough of them either way.

Optional prompts:

  • I would love to see someone mistake Carisi for Jessie's father and Carisi/Rollins roped into a situation where they have to pretend it's true.

  • I enjoy that so many of the great Carisi/Rollins moments are small, slice-of-life things. He's stressed, she looks after him. She can't cook, he cooks for her. The baby is restless, so he walks around with her while they watch TV. I'd absolutely read 1,000 words of little moments like these.

  • I think it's easy for Rollins to get complacent; when no one's threatening to rock the boat, she doesn't like to make changes herself. So what if it seemed like she might lose Carisi?

Star Trek: AOS

I know it has its flaws, but I genuinely enjoy this series. I have such a weakness for beautifully filmed space films, especially when there are aliens, too. In particular, I love the relationships between the characters, and how it's begun to expand the Star Trek universe in ways that don't simply rely on the original canon.

James T. Kirk/Nyota Uhura

If their relationship didn't start out so prickly, I probably wouldn't ship this, to be honest. Even now, he definitely gets under her skin, and I think her own stubbornness frustrates him. But they've come to care about each other and to respect each other. The reluctance to reach that point is an admitted weakness for me.

Optional prompts:

  • With these two, my mind immediately goes to "trap them together!" because they'd bicker and they'd disagree, but they'd do whatever it takes to get the job done and get out of there... and mabe come out of it changed.

  • I don't often suggest "woke up married," but honestly can you imagine how great this would be? Accidentally married by aliens, with no way to diplomatically get out of it, so they just have to roll with it until they're back on the Enterprise.

  • Really, with these two, I'm here for most any trope. Time travel nonsense? Check. Amnesia? Yep. Fake dating? They'd hate it, so yes. Feel free to write any ridiculous thing you want.

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott/Nyota Uhura

I just love that these two have beautiful, brilliant minds. They're integral to the survival and success of the crew and mission, but they likely see less of the action than characters like Kirk and Spock. We haven't seen much of their relationship on screen, but I think there'd be a kind of kinship and ease.

Optional prompts:

  • We see plenty of the highs and lows of Star Fleet through the movies, but what about those days and weeks in between? I'd like to see Uhura visiting Scotty when she's off-shift, maybe translating a manual for him that he can't read, and just filling in the hours in between their jobs.

  • What if Scotty and Uhura did have to survive on their own for a few days, after something that should have been simple goes ridiculously awry?

  • Alternatively, I'd like to see these two if Kirk and Spock were to go missing—as in, suddenly there's no trace at all of them—for several days. How would they rely on each other? How would they help lead the crew?

Crossover Fandom
Commodore Norrington (PotC)/Elizabeth Bennet (P&P-Austen)

Honestly, as someone who left Dead Man's Chest shockingly into Norrington/Elizabeth, I just jumped with the excitement when I saw this on the list. So many great possibilities here, particularly given what we know about Norrington and Elizabeth's personalities.

Optional prompts:

  • If you want to ignore the different time settings, I'd love to see Elizabeth just decide she's done with the drama and turn pirate, affecting the way the Pirates films unfold.

  • What if Norrington had become captain of the Flying Dutchman instead of Will? What if he'd meant Elizabeth Swann's doppelganger a century later?

  • Alternatively, you could use a modern setting for this, updating both characters and their stories, and having their lives intersect. That would be pretty awesome, too.

Eliot Spencer (Leverage)/Natasha Romanov (MCU)

I think this could be such a great dynamic. In some ways, it'd be similar to what's great about Natasha's relationship with Clint, but perhaps without Eliot having such intimate knowledge about her past.

Optional prompts:

  • What if Eliot was trained somewhere similar to the Red Room? What if Natasha came to liberate the people being trained and held there?

  • What if Natasha encountered Eliot while they were both on a mission? Maybe she's spying on an ambassador that the Leverage team is also working against?

  • What if aliens land in Seattle and Eliot decides enough is enough, and that's how he meets the Avengers—punching aliens in the face?

Original Work
Human/Alternate Universe Human

I like this because it's the idea of "the path not taken" but also looks a fate and inevitability. How different could your life be? What if it's barely different, except for one crucial change?

Optional prompts:

  • What if someone encountered someone who died in their reality?

  • What if the Alternate Universe Human was shocked to see the Human, because the Human has disappeared (and is presumed dead) in their reality? What if they embark on a quest to find this person together?

  • What if these people meant because the multiverse has somehow become unstable?

Male Alien/Female Human
Male Alien Dignitary/Female Human Assassin

I folded these two together, because they're so similar. Basically, I'll always request Alien/Human because it fascinates me so much. I love space operas, I love aliens, and I think forming relationships (romantic or platonic) with aliens reveals the most about both species.

I'm leaving suggestions, but honestly, I'll love whatever you write.

Optional prompts:

  • Obviously, I love the thought of an assassin being sent to remove a key person among the aliens from the equation, and then complications arising from that. Does the human hesitate? If so, why?

  • What would happen if humanity and an alien species were both vying for control of a third planet because, like us, they've depleted their resources and overrun their homeworld?

  • Alternatively, what if both species were on the run from a third species?

Male Android/Female Human

I love the idea a woman working to create a genuine Artificial Intelligence—whatever her motive—and grappling with the consequences and questions that come with that.

Optional prompts:

  • I'd love a Frankenstein's monster story: a complicated creation—in this situation, perhaps simply ahead of its time—and a situation that spirals out of control.

  • In theory, this android is simply one of many... but she knows something is different.

  • What happens as the woman ages and the android doesn't?

Female Knight/Prince

What I'm most looking to read here: a gender-bent version of those classic princess/knight or princess/prince tropes. Obviously, you're free to go whatever way the ideas take you, but if you're looking for direction from me, here it is!

Optional prompts:

  • The knight rescues the prince, who's trapped in a tower surrounded by dragons, kept prisoner by an enemy of his father.

  • The prince falls prey to a curse, and the knight is the only one with the wit and the skill to save him.

  • A twist on Anastasia: As a young girl, the knight rescues the prince when his family is attacked; later, she encounters the lost prince again.