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Chocolate Box | 2016

Thank you! I'm so excited to read whatever you decide to write! Each of these relationships needs more fic, in my opinion—yes, including those I picked for Original Work—so I can't wait to see which we matched on.

For each relationship, I've include a few prompts, but feel free to choose from the tropes I've listed in my Likes… or ignore these suggestions all together and write whatever you want.

Aside from the Dislikes I've listed, I'm open to most anything. Write any rating you want, or feel free to experiment with style, structure, canon, whatever.

Info, Likes, & Dislikes

I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere. (AO3. Tumblr. Twitter.) If you have any questions, [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any of them, so feel free to DM her. You can also contact me via the mods, if you prefer.


  • Evolving relationship dynamics, such as friends-to-lovers, and enemies-to-lovers, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers.

  • Undercover or otherwise fake relationships as catalysts for genuine relationships.

  • Two characters stranded together, or on a roadtrip together, or snowed-in together. Any type of close proximity fic.

  • Soulmarks and soulmate-identifying marks. Multiple soulmates and/or meaningful relationships outside of soulmates.

  • Secret identities, whether superhero or secret agent or You've Got Mail-style. Two-person love triangles created by secret identities.

  • Time tropes such as time travel, Groundhog Day-style time loops, time dilation (such as Year Inside, Hour Outisde) alternate timelines.

  • Miscellaneous: Hurt/comfort, amnesia, confessions, apocalypses, world-building, building-to-relationship, pre-relationship, UST, RST, epistolary fic, reincarnation.

  • I would rather not read these kinks: Alpha/beta/omega, dub-con, non-con, knotting, incest, voyeurism.

  • I would rather not read these tropes: abuse, age regression, bodyswap, genderswap, kidfic.

  • A note about violence: Aside from abuse, I'm fine with violence, so long as it furthers the plot. Also, I prefer not to read graphic descriptions of gore.

12 Monkeys (TV)

I rewatched 12 Monkeys in November/December and rediscovered how fantastic a series it is. I love the time travel (and its complications). I love the ongoing mysteries—the Twelve Monkeys, the Red Forest, the Witness—as well as little details like the scratched watch and the recurring use of "These Arms of Mine." I also love that the series wrestles with whether time should be altered.

Cassandra Railly/José Ramse

No relationships in this series are closer to its heart or its conflict than Cole's relationships with Cassie and Ramse. Unsurprisingly, after "Arms of Mine," I became fascinated with the idea of Cassie/Ramse and their competing objectives.

From the season 2 trailer, we see that Cassie, Cole, and Ramse seem to time travel as a team. But it's January, and April is far, far away, and I want to know more about Cassie and Ramse's relationship! How do they get past what went down at Raritan? What about their conflicting goals?

In particular, if my prompts aren't any help, I'd love to see Cassie and Ramse in 2043. For example, how would meeting Samuel affect Cassie's black-and-white objective to destroy the plague?

Optional prompts:

  • As an assignment draws to its close—and the fight against the Twelve Monkeys leaps to a different era—the machine malfunctions, bringing only Cole back to 2043 and stranding Cassie and Ramse.

  • Jones sends Cassie and Ramse on an assignment without Cole, one that takes them into the heart of a major and dangerous historical event.

  • What if Cassie's message had Ramse's name, too? What if that's the part they recovered, and it was Ramse who was sent back to stop the plague?

James Cole/Cassandra Railly

I love the imperfections of Cassie and Cole's relationship because they make the undeniable affection between them all the more meaningful. Despite his lies and their secrets and her shooting his best friend, this thing between them continues to grow.

I also love that their love for one another complicates their objectives. If Cassie and Cole prevent the plague, she loses him forever. She wants to succeed, but she doesn't want him to disappear. For Cole, finding a way to save Cassie's life almost supersedes his mission to prevent the plague. Changing the past means nothing if he doesn't save her life, too.

(Also, well, I'll admit I'm sometime—too often—drawn to the ships with the most potential for tremendous heartbreak.)

Optional prompts:

  • An assignment meant to take only a few hours turns into an overnight stay uncomfortably close to their enemy's grasp.

  • The mission has failed, once and for all. Unable to stop the plague, Cassie and Cole run, disappearing into time together.

  • On an assignment gone haywire, Cassie and Cole encounter alternate versions of themselves.

Dark Matter (TV)
Three | Marcus Boone/Two | Portia Lin

Once again, my predilection for antagonists-to-lovers prevails. Dark Matter offers Two Leaders at Odds with Each Other, and in the end, I fell for it.

I love that there's respect there—however grudging it is—and that they value each other's strengths. I love that they're both resilient and competent.

…and of course, I loved that Three gave Wexler the code to save Two's life.

I'm fascinated by the morsels of information we get about the crew before the memory wipe, particularly that Two and Three seemed to work well together: They agreed about what to do with Five; and they hatched the plan to foil Six together.

I'm also curious about Two's origins and how that might affect the crew—and Two & Three—moving forward.

Optional prompts:

  • Two and Three become isolated from the rest of the crew, perhaps indefinitely.

  • What if Three and Two managed to erase everyone's memories but theirs?

  • Desperate to keep the Raza on its feet, Two and Three agree to a heist on the side.

Original Work

Author, whatever you want to write, I want to read it. Has an alien species finally found us? Has the invasion begun? Or perhaps it's the future, and we're space-farers now, and we found them? In which case, have we invaded? Or maybe there's a mid-galactic space hub full of alien species? Maybe the female human was aboard a colony ship bound for a distant planet… that turns out to be inhabited? I'll read (and love) any of it.

I've left a few prompts for each relationship, but if those don't help, I would enjoy any of these tropes: enemies-to-lovers, stranded together, time loops, amnesia, secret identities. But again, with original fiction, it's up to you and wherever your imagination leads you.

Aliens & Female Human

If it interests you, I'd enjoy a situation where the Female Human is the lone human. Whether that's temporary or permanent, or a positive or a negative, I'll leave to you. She might be a hero, or she might be a sole survivor. She might like the aliens, or she might loathe them.

Optional prompts:

  • She swore that she would be the first human to see their homeworld.

  • She swore that she would be the last human to see that abhorrent planet.

  • A human, three aliens, and a cyborg walk into a bar. Her life reads like a joke without its punchline.

Male Alien/Female Human

I'm always interested in relationships with some tension—maybe even a bit of antagonism—especially when they're forced to live together. Even if there's peace between aliens and humans, personalities will clash! Of course, I also always enjoy relationships where genuine affection comes with a generous side of exasperation.

Optional prompts:

  • He looks at her like she's a puzzle. (But not one of those 3,000-piece puzzles. One of those 9-piece puzzles for preschoolers.) In response, she looks at him like he's the extraterrestrial equivalent to watching paint dry.

  • Stranded on Hoth—no, she doesn't care that that's not its name—with him is not the shore leave she imagined.

  • Alcohol does not affect the aliens in any way she was prepared to handle.

Stargate - All Series
John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir

Elizabeth and John begin the series as opposites, the diplomat and the soldier. Elizabeth holds respect in her field while John carries a tarnished reputation in his. Arriving in Atlantis, their ideologies begin to clash almost immediately.

Despite all of this, John and Elizabeth become a great team. She guides Atlantis and its mission while he carries out military matters. Together, often with some push-and-pull, they keep their people alive. They become friends. They change each other—soften and strengthen each other—and form the kind of understanding only two people carrying the weight of Atlantis could form.

…and every time someone threatens one of their lives, the other one refuses to let it stand; and every time Atlantis loses Elizabeth, John grieves. He hates to lose her, and it happens over and over.

Optional prompts:

  • Elizabeth's fate destroyed me—however beautiful her sacrifice—and I'll always want fix-it fic, particularly if it brings back Higginson's Elizabeth. Perhaps she Ascends (and Descends). Maybe John has an opportunity to rewrite time.

  • Alternatively, maybe John meets an Elizabeth from an alternate reality, or John finds himself trapped in an alternate reality where Elizabeth survived.

  • Perhaps AR-2 discovers a planet where nations are governed by pairs—often two people with differing viewpoints—so Elizabeth and John must travel there together to establish an alliance.

Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson

As a rule, I gravitate toward relationships with friction… and yet, the occasional frictionless, best friends pair worms its way to my heart. I could write volumes about my love for Daniel/Vala or Jack/Sam, of course; but I have a weakness for Daniel/Sam that began the first time I saw "Meridian."

Subsequent rewatches only serve to strengthen my fondness for these two. I mean, come on: I knew I'd like you. Straight from the pilot!

And yes, their friendship is beautiful. I won't disagree that they become best friends over the course of the series, and I absolutely love that about them. I think that Daniel's relationship with—and subsequent grief over—Sha're and Sam's complex relationship with Jack became the "status quo" of SG-1. Who knows what might've happened if someone or something shook things up!

Optional prompts:

  • If Vala wasn't aboard Odyssey (or if she set her sights on Cameron or Teal'c), what might have happened between Daniel and Sam?

  • In Continuum, Cameron, Daniel, and Sam are forbidden from contacting each other after they're given their new identities. What if Daniel and Sam found a way around that? What if that communication allowed them to talk—and explore their relationship—in ways they hadn't before?

  • I've always wanted to read an AU where Sam does goes on that first mission to Abydos.