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yuletide | 2015

Thank you! I say this every exchange, but it bears repeating that I do love each of these fandoms, and I know that I'll enjoy whatever you write. With this letter, I've tried to give as much insight as I can about why I love these fandoms and relationships, as well as things I love in general. I do ship the characters in each of my requests — and would love shipfic — but as long as their relationship (however you interpret that) is central to the fic, I'll be thrilled.

I've listed prompts for each request, but feel free to just choose a trope or situation from my lists of likes. I've tried to limit the number of prompts I give with tropes, because I know that doesn't work for everyone, but I love tropes tremendously. Whatever inspires you, go for it!

Again, thank you! Happy Yuletide!

Info, Likes, & Dislikes

I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere. (AO3. Tumblr. Twitter.) If you have any questions, [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any of them, so feel free to DM her. You can also contact me via the mods, if you prefer.


  • Shifting relationships, such as friends-to-lovers, and enemies-to-lovers, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers.

  • Undercover or otherwise fake relationships as catalysts for genuine relationships.

  • Two characters stranded together, or on a roadtrip together, or snowed-in together. Any type of close proximity fic.

  • Soulmarks and soulmate-identifying marks. Multiple soulmates and/or meaningful relationships outside of soulmates.

  • Secret identities, whether superhero or secret agent or You've Got Mail-style. Two-person love triangles created by secret identities.

  • Time tropes such as time travel, Groundhog Day-style time loops, time dilation (such as Year Inside, Hour Outisde) alternate timelines.

  • Miscellaneous: Hurt/comfort, amnesia, confessions, apocalypses, world-building, building-to-relationship, pre-relationship, UST, RST, epistolary fic, reincarnation.

  • I would rather not read these kinks: Alpha/beta/omega, dub-con, non-con, knotting, incest, voyeurism.

  • I would rather not read these tropes: abuse, age regression, bodyswap, genderswap, kidfic.

  • A note about violence: Aside from abuse, I'm fine with violence, so long as it furthers the plot. Also, I prefer not to read graphic descriptions of gore.

That said, apart from the dislikes I've listed, I'm open to most anything. Write any rating you want! Feel free to experiment with style, structure, canon, whatever! As long as the characterization holds, I'm certain I'll love it.

The 5th Wave Series - Rick Yancey
Ben Parish, Cassie Sullivan

Links: My Tumblr tag. Book trailers. Movie trailer. Amazon: Buy the books. Barnes & Noble: Buy the books.

You know, I think I need to be honest about what I want most from this series — and what I would love in fic — because so far, we haven't gotten it: ALIENS. Our narrators have described the Waves in detail, sure, but we have yet to so much as glimpse an alien. Worse still, we might interpret some of Vosch's Villain Monologuing in The Infinite Sea as a hint that aliens were a smokescreen.

I have to reject that interpretation. I read The 5th Wave because the summary promised aliens. I want aliens!

Okay, I care about other things, too. For example, I care about Cassie Sullivan, about her tenacity, and how she can believe and have hope after everything. I care about Ben Parish, about how he pretends to be dumb, about how regrets, about the ways he finds himself in being a leader.

I care about the ever-shifting found families — first Squad 53; now the remnant of Squad 53, with Cassie (and Evan). I also care about PARALLELS! Yancey gets rather heavy-handed with the parallels in this series, particularly with promises, but I have to admit that I love them.

As you might have predicted, I prefer Ben/Cassie to Evan/Cassie, and here's why: Before the Arrival, Cassie believed she and Ben had a connection. They didn't. She was a girl with a crush, and sometime after the Third Wave, she realized that. Of course, as Cassie shared this understanding with us, her little brother had come under the protection of that boy she thought she loved.

I like that there's a little bite to their relationship, a little bit of snark. I like that even though these two barely knew each other before the Arrival, they have a history — same town, same high school, and even their younger siblings.

I would love to see this relationship come full circle — from the bond Cassie believed they had to a bond they know they have.

Oh, and I'm also here for post-The Infinite Sea Evan/Marika, now that she's Enhanced as well.

Optional prompts:

  • I'm so into this edit. Now, an AU where Cassie and Ben go on the run together may be the thing I need most in the world.

  • I'd also deeply enjoy Ben and Cassie on a mission together. Perhaps they need to infiltrate the 5th Wave. Maybe they board the mothership to blow it to pieces. Or maybe they're just searching for a safehouse.

  • Continuing with this theme: What if Cassie and Ben work together to create a resistance movement? What if they become the leaders who save humanity?

  • Even in an apocalypse, there are quiet moments. I'd love to read one between these two — maybe he gently teases her about her crush on him, but then they start reminiscing about life before the Arrival.

Green Gables Fables
Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe

Links: My Tumblr tag. Season 1. Season 2. Official Site.

Once, I tried to pinpoint how and when I discovered Anne of Green Gables, but I couldn't. I've loved Anne Shirley and all of Avonlea as long as I can remember. Of course, after I stumbled upon fandom, it was inevitable that I would crave a modern day adaptation. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries revived that hunger, and then finally —

Green Gables Fables.

Now, to be honest, I wasn't sold on this series at first. Turns out, when I wished for a modern day adaptation, I also wanted a time machine so that Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie could reprise their roles. Not only has Green Gables Fables grown on me, but I've come to love Mandy Harmon's Anne and Tanner Gillman's Gilbert.

As much as I love Anne's relationships with other characters (Diana, Matthew, Philippa), her relationship with Gilbert remains my absolute favorite. What can I say? I have a weakness for rivals-to-friends-to-lovers. If I had to pick one element I think Green Gables Fables nails, I'd choose the relationships, and Gilbert & Anne's friendship is a perfect example.

I mean, look at these nerds! I love that as soon as they (she) decided to be friends, they discovered they're awesome at being friends.

See, what's fantastic about Anne and Gilbert — any Anne and Gilbert — is that they understand each other. After Anne forgave Gilbert, everything that fed their rivalry began to feed their friendship. Or as Anne herself put it, she realized that Gilbert had been a kindred spirit all along.

What I also love about these two? Even once they're friends, they're still Anne and Gilbert. They're competitive. Argumentative. Stubborn. Proud. Right. Wrong. But now, there's a gentleness to it. We've seen a bit of that already with season 2, but I can't wait to see more.

Really, honestly, I just love Anne and Gilbert's relationship and its progression, and I'd love fic that focuses on that. Fic exploring Anne and Gilbert's burgeoning friendship in the summer between seasons 1-2 would be excellent. Of course, because waiting for canon is stretching the limits of my patience, I'd kill for Gilbert's confession, the fallout from that, and Anne's own "book of revelations."

Beyond that, I'm open to any background relationships plots, so long as none of the relationships involve Anne and/or Gilbert.

Optional prompts:

  • Early in season 1, Anne shares what she knows about her parents. What if Anne rewatched these videos and realized the similarities between her parents' relationship and her relationship with Gilbert? Better still, what if Gilbert was rewatching the videos with her?

  • Anne sometimes lets her imagination get the best of her. I would love to read about the first time that happens after she and Gilbert become friends — particularly if it leads to wonderful tropes like pretend dating or trapped together.

  • Second semester, Gilbert and Anne earn coveted seats in a senior-level, highly competitive literature course. Things escalate quickly. (Bonus points if Anne and Gilbert are paired on an assignment that requires analyzing a romantic and/or sexually explicit story.)

  • Anne ropes Gilbert into a plan to get two of their friends together. Everything goes horribly, horribly wrong.

  • Also, like I said, anything that follows Gilbert's confession, their relationships with Christine and Roy, and whatever nearly costs Gilbert his life.

Killjoys (TV)
Alvis Akari, Pawter Simms

Links: My Tumblr tag. Killjoys on Episodes, Photos, The World of Killjoys.

Killjoys needed only 3½ minutes to steal my heart. Dutch and Johnny's teamwork, their ease with each other, and of course, their wonderful snark.

Beyond Dutch and Johnny, here's what I love about Killjoys: SPACE. If requesting The 5th Wave and The Martian hasn't tipped you off, you should know that I love space. The mytharc intrigues me, and I would love to read about that, if Alvis and/or Pawter can be connected somehow.

But what interests me most — and what I'd guess would be easier to write with these two characters — is the world-building. I want to know more about what brought these people to the J. I want to know more about the religion of the Scarbacks and Westerlyns.

As far as I know, no one else has much interest in Alvis and Pawter's relationship. If we were matched because you offered a group that included both characters or Any, just know this: Receiving ANY fic centered on this relationship — including friendship — would thrill me. That said, I absolutely ship Alvis/Pawter, and surprise shipfic would be incredible.

On the off chance I might lure someone onto this ship, I should explain why I am so into this. The season finale was the spark: Alvis and Pawter retreated into an underground bunker together, and sure, they aren't alone, but that doesn't mean it isn't an opportunity. I loved their last scene and his "welcome home, doctor."

Now that Pawer has aligned herself with Westerly — and seems to accept that the life she had on Qresh is done — I could see her aligning herself with the rebels, too. I think she could emerge as a leader. I think Alvis and Pawter could be as great a team as Dutch and Johnny.

I also love that Alvis and Pawter come from acutely different backgrounds. Until her exile to Westerly, Pawter lived a privileged life as one of the Nine. Alvis, on the other hand, grew up in the tunnels beneath Westerly. I love relationships like this — they create a balance. Both characters understand more because of each other. And at times, particularly in the beginning, there's a great tension.

In addition to Alvis/Pawter, I ship Dutch/Johnny, Pawter/Johnny. I could probably definitely get into Dutch/Alvis. Although I like D'avin, I don't ship Dutch/D'avin or John/D'avin.

Optional prompts:

  • Alvis explains that the Company built a network of underground bunkers. Imagine if these bunkers have private quarters but not enough for each family to have their own? What if — to maximize space — Alvis and Pawter share quarters? What if they continue to meet there, even after the dust settles from the bombing?

  • Something — helping Dutch & Johnny with a warrant? a mission to benefit Alvis's (& Pawter's?) rebellion? — brings Alvis and Pawter to Leith, where they have to work together. Maybe they're undercover, maybe they're not. Either way, they find themselves in a precarious situation and have to maneuver their way out.

  • What if Alvis and/or Pawter knew the subject of one of Dutch & Johnny's warrants? Perhaps someone from Pawter's path, another of the Nine exiled from Qresh? How would throwing someone freshly fallen from privilege into the mix affect the dynamics in the group/this pair?

  • The bunkers on Westerly were built because terraforming on Arkyn went terribly wrong — I'd love to see Alvis and Pawter (and anyone else) somewhere else terraforming went awry.

The Last Ship (TV)
Rachel Scott, Tom Chandler

Links: My Tumblr tag. Hulu: Season 1. Amazon: Season 1. Amazon: Season 2. iTunes: Season 1. iTunes: Season 2. Watch Series Online.

Although I prefer my navies to be the spacefaring kind, I had to watch The Last Ship. Why? One word: PANDEMIC. No, really — I couldn't resist the pandemic. In fact, although all my prompts are post-season 2, I would definitely read fic about the onset of the pandemic.

Of course, I also love the found families element, particularly after all the crew and scientists have been through in season 2.

Then there's Rachel and Tom. Here's what I've learned from Battlestar Galactica and The 100: If a show offers me Two Leaders At Odds With Each Other, particularly if they are older than the bulk of the characters, they will be my OTP. The weight of the world will be on their shoulders. They will be stubborn. They will disagree. One may or may not throw the other one in jail. But they will grow to respect each other, to rely on each other, and in time, they will forget there was a time when they trusted anyone more than one another.

With Rachel/Tom, I'll admit, I was worried. Would Tom end up with Kelly? Would Rachel end up with Tex? Then of course, there was that falling-out over Niels. Then came the last two episodes of the season. Lingering stares! Tex talking about good-byes! More lingering stares! "Great dress, by the way." Flirting!

I love that Tom seems at peace with his attraction — and/or feelings — for Rachel. He knows what's there. And in St. Louis, they have a major victory and a sense of calm, and he just goes with it. I even love that Rachel is hesitant, for whatever reasons; and that even though I think she also recognizes that there's something there, we still have a little bit of push-and-pull before they're both in the same place.

What I hope to see in season 2, and what I'd obviously love for Yuletide, would be Tom having All The Emotions in the aftermath of Rachel's shooting. As far as ships go, I'm great with absolutely any background relationship that doesn't involve Rachel or Tom.

Other than that, I'm not sold on the whole AMERICA SAVES THE DAY of it all, so I'd love to see another country coming to the rescue and fighting to cure everyone.

Optional prompts:

  • As Rachel and Tom said their good-byes (and shamelessly flirted), I wondered if perhaps she would travel the world throughout season 3, and at some point realize the depth of her feelings for him, and finally return home. A little like The Odyssey, perhaps, with Rachel as the Odysseus and Tom as the Penelope. Even with her injury — or maybe especially with her injury — this could still be a great story, I think.

  • Tom still has that shrapnel embedded in his gut. What happens when surgery becomes necessary? What if it's a matter of life-or-death? What if Rachel isn't there when it happens?

  • I would love to see Tom and Rachel traveling together on foot. A long journey, somewhere Nathan James can't travel, just the two of them. Set between Niels' death and the finale would be great, if only for the tension. But this would also work well in season 3, sometime after Rachel has (mostly) recovered from her injury.

  • The celebration and hope in St. Louis in the season 2 finale was great. I'd love to see Tom and Rachel, sometime in the future, celebrating another victory. This time, Rachel doesn't hesitate.

The Martian (2015)
Mark Watney, Mindy Park

Links: My Tumblr tag. Movie trailer. ARES Live (Prequel to the film). Amazon: Buy the book. Amazon: Premium book summary. Barnes & Noble: Buy the book.

(Although I'm requesting the film, I did read the novel, so feel free to pick and choose details from both.)

How could I NOT love The Martian? I have such a fondness for space, for one. (In fact, here, enjoy my space! tag.) Also, I love well-written epistolary fiction. Then of course, there's the science! and competency!

I also love the camaraderie of the ARES III crew. I love that they tease each other, and that they work so well together, and of course, I love that the others didn't hesitate to commit to a rescue plan.

But what I love most about The Martian — because I'm a sap, okay? — is the Human Spirit! of it all. I don't know if one astronaut's rescue would capture the hearts and minds of millions (if not billions) if this happened in real life, but I like to think the story would resonate with all of us. Mark's survival reflects our determination to endure.

I know that Mark and Mindy never meet in the film OR in the novel, but I wanted them to. After all, it was Mindy who discovered that Mark was alive, and it was Mindy who followed his journey. In a sense, she took the journey with him. What were her feelings in his final days on Mars? After the ARES III crew rescued Mark, did Mindy sometimes look at photos of what he left behind? What happened when he returned to Earth?

I think that Mark would enjoy meeting her. He would have some sarcastic — and/or dumb — joke, but yeah, I think he would appreciate the connection between them, however tenuous it was. Also, I think she might strike a balance between his personal life (friends and family outside of NASA) and his professional life — connected to what happened, but distantly.

Also, I want them to make-out. That's something I have great interest in. But in general, I just want to see these two post-canon, meeting and becoming friends and whatever.

I'm also here for Beck/Johanssen and Beck/Johanssen/Watney. Appearances by any of the ARES III crew will be met with much enthusiasm.

Optional prompts:

  • I would love to see how Mindy and Mark meet. I picture them at a celebration after the ARES III crew returns to Earth — NASA, JPL, etc — and for the first time since he left Earth, Mark is surrounded by hundreds of people. Perhaps he steps out for air. Or maybe it isn't a party, maybe he just meets everyone connected to his rescue.

  • What if Mindy had an opportunity to communicate with Mark while he was on Mars? Maybe she needed to talk to him because she was the one monitoring his plans, maybe she helped him map the path he would take.

  • In the movie, Mark becomes an instructor in the astronaut training program. What if he had guest lecturers consisting of people who had roles in his rescue, including Mindy, and that's how they meet?

  • Alternatively, maybe Mindy watches his video journals, and after seeing all his complaints about his music choices, she puts together a mix of the music he's missed during his mission.

Zoo (TV)
Jamie Campbell, Mitch Morgan

Links: My Tumblr tag. Netflix: Season 1. Amazon: Season 1. Amazon: Buy the book. Barnes & Noble: Buy the book.

The official CBS synopsis of this series might be the most misleading thing I've read: ZOO, based on the #1 bestselling novel by James Patterson, is a global thriller about a wave of violent animal attacks against humans sweeping the planet.

Don't be fooled, okay? Netflix does a far better job of setting the stage: People have always been on top of the food chain, looking down on the animal kingdom. They're about to get a new view.

See, I don't know about everyone else, but I definitely watched this show because of the sheer absurdity of its plot. I read the Netflix summary, thought "well, this will be terrible," and pressed play.

Zoo is one of those so-terrible-it's-great series. At best, the science is laughable. The effects are a joke, too. But the characters? They make it worth it. Perhaps not in the beginning, but by the end of season 1, I was a little in love with all of them.

(No, but really, how great is that awful science? I love it! For example, what was that cliffhanger? It can't be a coincidence that they met with a horde of beats. Does that mean that the animals can somehow sense what the team has planned? Is this like Ant-Man, where the bugs are spying for the animals?)

In all seriousness, Zoo has great heart. Apart from Abraham and Jackson, these people are strangers at the beginning of the series, and some of them just tolerate each other through most of season 1. But by the end, they're a family, and they grudgingly love each other.

I fell fast and hard for Jamie/Mitch. I mean, that little bit of an age gap was impossible for me to resist, and then the show throws in bantering? Yeah, I was gone.

But more than that, I just love how much Jamie and Mitch come to care for each other. I love that Mitch listened to Jamie — really listened — when no one else would. He went out and found a neighborhood's missing cats because of her. They become this odd little pair, more often at each other's side (when not on separate missions) than found apart.

Also, I thought they were so wonderful in the finale. Mitch was devastated. He was the person she called. they cried because they were so relieved to hear each other's voices.

...I love them a lot.

I would not be opposed to Jackson/Chloe as a background ship. Abraham is wonderful, too, so please feel free to include him!

Optional prompts:

  • Somehow, our heroes will survive the stampede barreling toward them, and somehow, they'll get to Jamie. I would love to read about that journey — about how those eighteen hours drag for Mitch, how Jamie worries for them — and to see Jamie and Mitch in the aftermath of that.

  • Sometime after season 1, Jamie and Mitch follow a lead in the arctic and have to take refuge in an abandoned research station when a storm rolls in.

  • Instead of Jamie, it's Mitch who's lost at sea and believed to be dead. How does that affect Jamie?

  • Remember the scene where Mitch and Jamie snuck into a high school? I'll take ALL the undercover fic for these two, especially since they're probably the worst at it, in a sort of delightful way.

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