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trick or treat | 2015

Thank you! I love autumn (and Halloween), so I can't wait to see what you come up with. Because I went with so many requests (and because the required word count is so low) I've kept these simple: preferred relationships (gen and ship), trick prompts, and treat prompts. For most of the requests, I ship the two characters listed, but I enjoy genfic for either/both of them as well.

My only request is this: Please do not kill any of my requested characters. Other characters can die, but I'd prefer my requested characters survive.

Otherwise, I'm just happy to have more fic for any of these characters, so go wherever your ideas take you!

General Info


I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere. (AO3. Tumblr. Twitter.) If you have any questions, [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any of them, so feel free to DM her. You can also contact me via the mods, if you prefer.

I love tropes—some days, I browse AO3 by tropes rather than fandoms. A few favorites include: bickering/UST (belligerent sexual tension), enemies-to-lovers, fake/undercover relationships, forced proximity, friends-to-lovers, hurt/comfort, soulmarks, reincarnation/rebirth, secret identities, time loops. I also love apocalypses/post-apocalypses, time travel, alternate realities, and world-building. I prefer pre-relationship or building-to-relationship fic over established-relationshp fic.

I may love tropes, but there's one trope I hate: pair-the-spare. Throwing two characters together to solve a love triangle never works for me. I tend to shy away from tropes with consent issues, so I prefer not to read dub-con or non-con, incest, or voyeurism. For me, alpha/beta/omega and knotting often feel too gray where consent is concerned as well. I'm fine with some violence in fic, but I like to avoid graphic descriptions of gore.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Leo Fitz

Preferred relationships.
Fitz & Skye. Fitz/Skye. Fitz/Simmons. Coulson/Skye. Mack & Skye. Bobbi & Skye. Mack & Fitz.


  • Skye finds herself trapped in a lab filled with supernatural horrors.

  • Skye faces off against a villain who has the ability to induce waking nightmares.

  • Fitz's search for Simmons takes a terrifying turn…and no one is prepared for what happens when he finds her.

  • Donnie Gill escapes a HYDRA prison and finds Fitz, who he blames for everything that went wrong.

  • Fitz, Skye, and life after the alien invasion no one anticipated.

  • Sidelines by injuries, Fitz and Skye settle in for a weekend alone at the Playground, but a poltergeist has followed the team home, and it has plans for them.

  • Skye meets a young Inhuman who needs her help, but her power is…unusual. More absurd than combative, really.

  • Skye gets in a Halloween theme prank war with Simmons. It escalates until the whole team is involved.

  • Fitz and that time he may or may not have accidentally created werewolves.

  • A Fitzsimmons invention sends Fitz hopping through parallel realities.

  • Sometime between season 2 and season 3, Fitz and Simmons have a horror movie marathon.

  • Alternate Universe: Fitz faces off against his nemesis: his hacker neighbor.

Sherlock Holmes
Joan Watson

Preferred relationships.
Joan & Sherlock. Joan/Sherlock. Joan & Kitty & Sherlock. Joan & Kitty. Joan/Alfredo. Marcus & Sherlock.


  • Joan must rescue Sherlock from a disturbed serial killer.

  • While Sherlock struggles to find his footing again, Joan works alone on a case involving the occult.

  • Sherlock pursues a lead on a case that brings him to an abandoned hospital.

  • Sherlock faces the world after the apocalypse, a world stripped of everyone knows.

  • Joan and Sherlock follow a lead into woods rumored to be haunted…and leave with their skepticism obliterated.

  • Several of the cases Joan and Sherlock have solved would've had devastating nationwide or worldwide consequences if the perpetrator hadn't been foiled. Choose one and play it out.

  • Joan gets trapped in a Groundhog Day time loop, trying (and failing) to solve the same case day after day.

  • Mary Watson is one of those mothers who has tasteful decorations for every season. This year, Joan gets roped into shopping with her for autumn.

  • A bizarre case leads Sherlock to investigate the phenomenon of soulmarks. (Would love if it's set early in season 1 and features platonic soulmates Joan and Sherlock.)

  • While investigating an eccentric billionaire-slash-inventor's murder, Sherlock comes across an intriguing device, and ends up in a time travel adventure he hadn't planned for.
  • Pursuing a lead, Joan and Sherlock find themselves snowbound just south of the Canadian border…in a cabin that, of course, has only one bed.

  • Determined to solve a particular case without Sherlock's help, Joan searches online for someone to talk through the case with. Unfortunately, her search leads to Sherlock, although she doesn't know it. Basically, mistaken/secret identity fic with optional two-person love triangle. Either way, hi-jinx!

Greek and Roman Mythology

Preferred relationships.
Hecate & Pandora. Hecate/Hermes. Hecate & Persephone. Hades/Persephone. Prometheus & Pandora. Prometheus/Pandora.


  • Hecate creates all the foul beings we fear.

  • Hecate seeks revenge for the Salem Witch Trials.

  • The myths have it wrong—Pandora was no fool; she knew what was inside that jar.

  • Pandora grows tired of Zeus meddling with her life, so she decides to unleash horrors he hasn't imagined.

  • Hecate and Pandora work together to punish a demigod who has abused and mistreated women.

  • Pandora releases the horrors from the jar; Hecate gives her the power to control them.

  • Hecate rescues a refugee from a war (ancient or modern) and heals her; and then Hecate teaches the refugee her craft.

  • Hecate spends an evening with the King and/or the Queen of the Underworld.

  • No one tells the stories that came after Zeus' jar of horrors: how Pandora performed selfless deeds, how she forged friendships, or how she raised her daughter Pyrrha to be brave and steadfast. But she did.

  • In the aftermath of Zeus' scheme, Pandora finds her strength and, for the first time, forges her own destiny.

  • After the jar, it's Hecate who protects Pandora.

  • Together, Hecate and Pandora seek to "undo" what opening the jar did.

Green Gables Fables
Anne Shirley
Gilbert Blythe

Preferred relationships.
Gilbert & Anne. Gilbert/Anne. Anne & Diana. Anne & Marilla. Anne & Matthew.


  • Someone—or something—is forcing the students of Redmond University to relive their worst memories.

  • In which Anne meets with a genuine horror in the Haunted Wood and finds herself missing the mundane.

  • A near-death Gilbert is plagued by dreams of everything he'll never have.

  • Researching some of the missteps of early modern medicine leads Gilbert Blythe to a heap of horrors at an abandoned hospital an hour from Redmond.

  • Gilbert and Anne experience a season of death and mourning.

  • Soulmarks AU set during Gilbert's near death. (Thinking specifically of seeing color when you meet your soulmate/losing color when they die, but any soulmate-identify mark will do.)

  • This is the moment is truly hits her: Anne Shirley finally has a home.

  • Anne Shirley likes to say she has no fears. But as she stands in line for Diana Barry's favorite roller coaster, she has to admit she has a few.

  • By the time Gilbert returns to Avonlea, he's heard plenty about Anne Shirley.

  • It's autumn and Redmond University…and Gilbert discovers that Anne's whimsy has rubbed off on him.

  • Anne and Gilbert bond over how much they hate the cheap scares of Halloween, the tacky decorations, and in general, their generation's approach to the holiday.

  • Set between season 1 and season 2, in the time when the cameras are off—or are they?—and Gilbert and Anne are learning to be friends: Anne drags Gilbert on his first genuine Anne Shirley adventure, hair-brained scheme and all.

Alvis Akari
Pawter Simms

Preferred relationships.
Alvis & Pawter. Alvis/Pawter. Alvis & John & Pawter. Dutch/John. Dutch & John. Lucy & John. Lucy & everyone.


  • Being a Scarback can tear at your psyche.

  • Scarbacks are great at keeping secrets…and Alvis has no greater secret than what happens to him on a full moon.

  • The impure Jakk causes Pawter to hallucinate the surgery that cost her everything.

  • Pawter fights to stop a Company-created plague before it wipes out Westerly.

  • The Company's holiday gift to Westerly: a zombie apocalypse. Alvis and Pawter search for a cure while trying to survive the outbreak.

  • In the bunkers, Alvis and Pawter stumble upon an artifact that throws them forward in time to a devastated, broken Westerly.

  • Alvis and life after the revolution has been won.

  • Alvis joins Dutch's crew and spends some quality time with Lucy.

  • Finally, as the doors to the bunker seal closed behind them, Pawter finds her place in the universe.

  • In a rare moment of peace on Westerly, Pawter spends an evening bonding with her people—Pree, John, D'avin, Dutch, and Alvis.

  • Waiting in the bunkers for the bombs to stop falling, Pawter joins a revolution, saves some lives, and—in order to make the most of limited space—shares a bed with a monk.

  • Alvis and Pawter must go undercover as fiancees.

Sarah Williams

Preferred relationships.
Jareth & Sarah. Jareth/Sarah. Jareth & the Labyrinth. Sarah & the Labyrinth.


  • Once upon a time, there was another Goblin King…and the boy he stole.

  • In the aftermath of Sarah's victory, the Labyrinth turns against Jareth.

  • Defeating Jareth bound Sarah to the Labyrinth. Now, the Labyrinth is dying, and the infection that's killing it is spreading to Sarah.

  • Now an adult, Sarah must re-enter the Labyrinth when her stepmother's niece wishes her own little brother away. But when she arrives, she discovers that the Labyrinth has aged with her, and its tricks (and offerings) test her willpower.

  • Bound to the Labyrinth after defeating Jareth, Sarah must help him defeat a foe who wants to use the Labyrinth's power to enter her world…and destroy both.

  • Someone or something turns all the inhabitants of the Labyrinth against Jareth and Sarah.

  • Jareth enjoys a rare harmonious day in the Labyrinth.

  • On All Hallows' Eve, the barriers between the worlds are weak, and Jareth can travel from his world to ours.

  • To everyone's surprise, Sarah grew into a historian rather than an actress. Now, she searches for a way to return to the Labyrinth.

  • A few years after the Labyrinth, Sarah introduces Toby to the friends who helped her along the way.

  • Jareth convinces Sarah to attend a coronation in a neighboring kingdom.

  • Jareth and Sarah travel together to a realm foreign to both of them.

Mass Effect
Thane Krios
Female Shepard

Preferred relationships.
Shepard & Thane. Shepard/Thane. Shepard & Garrus. Shepard & Kasumi. Shepard/Garrus. Shepard & Tali. Thane & Kasumi. Shepard & Legion. Shepard & EDI. Tali & Legion.


  • What if the Control ending didn't destroy Shepard completely, what if her consciousness survived?

  • Post-Mass Effect 2, Shepard and her crew stumble upon a Cerberus lab and find a grim (and deadly) reminder of how twisted Cerberus and TIM are.

  • Toward the end, the faces of those he killed who haunt Thane.

  • Thane has failed on only two assignments. On one, Irikah intervened; on the other; something much more sinister than Thane took his target's life first…and then came for him.

  • Captured and subjected to Indoctrination, Shepard and Thane fight to hold onto themselves…and each other.

  • The afterlife is not what Thane imagined. Before either of them can rest, they must face down the horrors that await them here.

  • Shepard's idea of "team bonding" may be a bit extreme, but at least it's fun. (Right?)

  • A mission requires Shepard and one of her crew to go undercover for a couple of weeks. Shepard finds that she both loves and hates "normal" life.

  • Strange that Thane should find so much to live for when he has so few days left. But there's beauty in that lesson.

  • Thane spends a few happy days with Kolyat before the end.
  • Before Shepard returns to the Alliance, she and Thane travel to a desert world.

  • Alternate universe where Shepard's life took a different direction and she met Thane a few years before Irikah's death.

Stargate Universe
Chloe Armstrong
Nicholas Rush

Preferred relationships.
Chloe & Rush. Chloe/Rush. Chloe & TJ. Chloe & Eli. TJ/Young. TJ/Varro.


  • The Nakai experimented on her. Changed her. At first, it was the nightmares, and the things she shouldn't understand. But now, Chloe fears the changes run deeper than she imagined and hold deadlier consequences.

  • A routine recon mission leaves Chloe stranded on an unknown planet, struggling to survive.

  • After they wake from stasis, Rush slowly loses touch with reality.

  • Rescued and returned to Earth, Rush wakes one morning to find he's the only one who remembers Destiny at all.

  • A virus finds its way onto Destiny…and Chloe and Rush are the only survivors.

  • Destiny finds a gateway to a parallel reality, but the crew from the mirrorverse are dark and twisted.

  • Destiny has many dangerous secrets, but Chloe discovers it has a few beautiful secrets, too.

  • In stasis, hoping to outrun their enemy, Chloe dreams of the lives she might have.

  • For Rush, there's nothing like solving a problem.

  • Rush has an opportunity to meet once of the Ancients face-to-face.

  • The crew of Destiny discover another inhabitable world and the opportunities it has for them.

  • Trapped in a Groundhog Day time loop, Chloe and Rush discover just how well-matched they are.