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yuletide | 2014

Yuletide Writer,

This year, I've requested four new (or new-to-me) fandoms with too few fics, so I can honestly say that I look forward to reading whatever you write. I've provided a few prompts for each fandom, but if you have an idea you'd prefer to write, please do! And although I mostly requested characters I ship, don't feel obligated to pair them romantically in your fic.

Beside each fandom, you'll find a star (☆) and a heart (♥︎). The star will take you to my Tumblr tags for the fandom; the heart will take you to my Tumblr tag for the ship. After my requests, you'll find some basic info and likes/dislikes.

Thank you, writer, and happy Yuletide!

THE 100 | ♥︎
Abigail Griffin, Marcus Kane
KANE: And I choose, at every turn and at any cost, to make sure that the human race stays alive.

ABBY: That’s the difference between us, Kane: I choose to make sure they deserve to stay alive.

To be honest, I didn't expect to love this series as much as I do. As a rule, I don't trust the CW. (I've been burned too many times.) But I have a weakness for science fiction, particularly for post-apocalyptic science fiction, so I watched the pilot.

I didn't fall in love immediately (except with Bellamy/Clarke), but the premise (...okay, mostly Bellamy/Clarke) was just enough to hold my interest week-to-week. Then we hit "Unity Day," and suddenly, I was hooked.

Now, I loved Abby Griffin from the start. She's determined, smart, fearless. But Marcus Kane? Like everyone else, I wanted to punch him throughout most of the season. (Which was disheartening because Henry Ian Cusick.) Well, like I said, then came "Unity Day," and slowly I began to realize Kane was much more complex than I'd given him credit for.

Until "The Calm," I hadn't considered Kane/Abby as a possibility, because I was so certain the show was gunning for Jaha/Abby. Then he crawled through a scorching maintenance shaft to find her. (I'm not saying she was his only priority; I'm just saying she was his greatest motivation.) And now, I can't seem to shut up about them.

He's a pragmatist and she's an idealist, but they're both stubborn and smart as hell, and I absolutely love the dynamic that creates. Together, they'd probably be a pretty terrifying team, and I'm just as into them as leaders and partners as I am into them as lovers.
  • In the pilot, Abby says that Jake and Kane were friends. I'd love pre-series fic that explores the Abby/Jake/Kane relationship dynamics before Jake's death. I'd also love to see what life was like for Kane and/or Abby growing up on the Ark.
  • I'm a sucker for AU fic, so if that's your thing, please feel free to write it: What if the apocalypse was zombies instead of nuclear war? What if the Ark hadn't been failing? What if some of the adults went with the Hundred to Earth?
  • Like I said, I'd love to see Abby and Kane as leaders and partners. Maybe something where they're working with the Grounders and/or the Mountain Men (or facing off against one of those groups).
  • There's so much about Earth that the Ark survivors have to discover, including things like the Grand Canyon and seasons. Give me Kane and Abby falling in love with Earth, and I'll probably fall a little in love with you.
Feel free to include any other characters or pairings you'd like. A few favorites of mine are Raven, Clarke, Wick, Jasper, Monty, Wick/Raven, and Clarke/Bellamy.

Available: Netflix just added season 1 to its streaming catalogue.

Liesel Meminger, Max Vandenburg
"There were twigs of hair, just like Liesel thought, and the swampy eyes stepped across, shoulder to shoulder over the other Jews. When they reached her, they pleaded. His beard stroked down his face and his mouth shivered as he said the word, the name, the girl. Liesel."

I'm afraid I don't have as much to say about The Book Thief and its characters, but only because it's a single book/film and not a TV or book series. If we matched on it, please know that I love it as much as the other fandoms I requested and am just as desperate for fic for it.

The Book Thief is one of those stories that haunts you. Everything about -- its style, its characters, their relationships -- follows you around for days after you've finished it. In particular, Max and Liesel stuck with me. Their love for each other, whether you consider it romantic or platonic or both, was so profound.

I saw the movie for the first time this summer, at a friend's insistence, and I'm currently reading the book for the first time. Feel free to use book canon, movie canon, or a combination of the two.
  • I'd love to read more about Max's return journey to Liesel, about what it took to get him there, and about what he hoped (and feared) he might find when he arrived. Also, I'd love to read more about Liesel's life before his return. In short, tell me about the steps he took and the books she read while life was working to reunite them.
  • Perhaps Liesel and Max must once again part ways: What are the circumstances of their parting? And when they're reunited once more, how does that happen?
  • What would have happened if Liesel and Max had been reunited sooner? Later? What if it had been Liesel who set out to find Max?
  • I also love "missing scenes" fics. For example, what if Liesel found a crumbled up paper among Max's things after he left, and when she opened it, she discovered it was a letter to her?
  • And of course, I'm always happy to read anything set after their reunion.
Available: Both the novel and the film can be purchased via sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The film is available through Amazon Instant Video.

Alicia Florrick, Finn Polmar
FINN: I am endorsing you because I'm inherently selfish and I think that you'll make a great state's attorney. So don't think that I'm sacrificing anything. I want to endorse you.


FINN: Are you sure?

ALICIA: I am now.

When Hulu+ added The Good Wife last September, I took the opportunity to mainline seasons 1-4, then began watching season 5. If someone had told me that Will/Alicia wouldn't be my OTP by this fall, I probably would have laughed. (Then I would've guessed Cary/Alicia, because I have several friends whose OTP is Cary/Alicia. And I won't lie: season 5 was tempting.)

Obviously, like the rest of fandom, I didn't anticipate "Dramatics, Your Honor."

And I didn't anticipate Finn Polmar or his incredible chemistry with Alicia Florrick.

The circumstances that brought Finn into Alicia's life were miserable, but I honestly believe they survived Will's shooting because of each other.

Finn may not have known Will well, but that doesn't erase the trauma of seeing someone you know gunned down in front of you. Especially when that person bleeds to death in your arms. And Alicia, of course, lost someone so important to her.

And now, Alicia and Finn make each other smile. They make each other laugh. They support each other. He believes in her.

And the flirting! Oh my god, the flirting. Things I can't handle: (1) the way he looks at her in those scenes at the bars (2) those moments when he can't meet her eye.
  • I know this season will explore Alicia's campaign for State's Attorney, but I'd love to read your take on it anyway. I'd especially love to see some of the moments the show might not give us where Alicia turns to Finn for support. This prompt can be as romantic or platonic as you want; I just want Finn as Alicia's cheerleader and friend throughout the campaign.
  • Or you could write about the aftermath of the election. What happens if Alicia wins? What happens if she loses? I'd love to see what Alicia as Finn's boss looks like: Are they still friends? Are there rumors about "witness prep"? Are the rumors about "witness prep" true?
  • No, but really, a fic where they joke about "witness prep" over and over, until one night it's not a joke anymore.
  • I love five times/one time fics, so one of those would be great here. Five times they almost met and one time they did (but don't remember it), maybe? Or maybe five nights at a bar and one night at his apartment?
  • Or you could go the AU route: What if Alicia and Finn didn't meet after Will died, but they met under some other circumstance? What if Will didn't die, so Alicia and Finn met when they went up against each other in court?
Available: Seasons 1-5 are available via Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

Blue Sargent, The Gray Man
"Blue wasn’t certain that she and this Gray Man thought exactly alike, but she didn’t think they were that different, either. She could hear the pragmatic beat of his heart, and she appreciated it."

Remember earlier when I said I mostly requested characters I ship? Here's the exception to that "mostly."

Or more accurately, Gansey/Blue and Maura/The Gray Man are my OTPs for this fandom, so I don't actively ship The Gray Man/Blue. But I would also read the hell out of a fic that did.

Mostly, I just love the way these two interact with each other. I mean, I love many, many things about The Raven Cycle quite a bit, but their scenes are some of my favorites. (No, seriously. I had an incredibly difficult time choosing a quote. I wanted to copy/paste the entirety of their first meeting and all their scenes in Blue Lily, Lily Blue.)

And all I want -- all I'll ever want -- is more of them hanging out. I love that they understand each other, I love how the sized each other up, and I love how frank they are with each other.

Because I can't provide you with a Tumblr tag for the two of them (tragically, so far I seem to be alone in my love for this relationship), have a few others instead: Blue Sargent, The Gray Man, Gansey/Blue.
  • So maybe you offered "Any" and didn't expected to be saddled to someone so into Blue and the Gray Man. If so, that's okay. Give me a missing scene -- any missing scene -- where these two interact. Or if it's easiest, you can write character fic: Tell me about Blue's post-series future or the Gray Man's pre-series past.
  • I'd love to see the immediate aftermath of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. There's Maura and Blue and Artemus and the Gray Man. How does that fit together? Who's left out -- the Gray Man or Artemus? How do Blue's feelings toward her father change? Does she maybe find herself protective of the Gray Man, although in The Dream Thieves she expected it to be the other way around?
  • Or maybe you'd like to skip ahead to Glendower finally being woken. What's the Gray Man's role in that? I'd love a fic set during or immediately after it that features the Gray Man and Blue.
  • And if you decide you're up for a challenge and want to write the Gray Man/Blue after all, I'd love that. Preferably set in the future when Blue is considerably more adult, of course, but otherwise, I'm here for anything.
  • Also, I'm a tremendous fan of time loops, and I feel like The Raven Cycle would be perfect for a time loop fic. It'd also be a great opportunity for Blue and the Gray Man, somehow the only two aware of the loop, to interact over and over.
Other things I love about this series: The ley lines, the sleeping kings, Gansey/Blue, Noah Czerny, Noah/Blue, Ronan Lynch, Gansey/Blue/Ronan, 300 Fox Way. Feel free to include any of the characters, because I love them all. Like I said, I ship the Gray Man/Maura, so I'd love for you to include that, but I'm good with Artemus/Maura too. (Or Artemus/Maura/the Gray Man, if you're so inclined.)

Oh, and call him whatever you like: The Gray Man, Dean Allen, Mr. Gray. I'm good with whatever.

Available: The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, and Blue Lily, Lily Blue can be purchased via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The fourth and final book will likely be released sometime next year.


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My favorite stories focus on the characters and the way their relationships evolve and change, so I read more stories in the PG to R range than NC-17. For me, sex is secondary to character and relationship development. If it's included, that's great, but I prefer sex not be the focus.

Likes: alternate realities, apocalypse/post-apocalypse, AUs, bickering/UST, character studies, crossovers, enemies-to-lovers, fake/undercover relationships, fix-its, forced proximity, found families, friends-to-lovers, ghosts, hurt/comfort, mind-meld/soulbond, original characters, reincarnation/rebirth, road trips, robots, secret identities, time travel, time loops, world-building

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