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trick or treat | 2014

Greetings, Trick or Treater!

Thank you for writing for me. Let me just say: I love all of the characters, and I love fic, so I'll love whatever you write. Below, you'll find some basic info and my standard lists of likes/dislikes. In short, I love tropes, but I'm not much into kinks.

I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere: AO3, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any questions you might have. 

My favorite stories focus on the characters and the way their relationships evolve and change, so I read more stories in the PG to R range than NC-17. For me, sex is secondary to character and relationship development. If it's included, that's great, but I prefer sex not be the focus.

Likes: alternate realities, apocalypse/post-apocalypse, AUs, bickering/UST, character studies, crossovers, enemies-to-lovers, fake/undercover relationships, fix-its, forced proximity, found families, friends-to-lovers, ghosts, hurt/comfort, mind-meld/soulbond, original characters, reincarnation/rebirth, road trips, robots, secret identities, time travel, world-building

Dislikes: abuse, alpha/beta/omega, bestiality, D/s, dub-con/non-con, genderswap, gore, graphic torture, incest, knotting, mpreg, pair the spare, scat, tentacles, voyeurism, watersports

I'm including a few prompts with each fandom, but they're just suggestions!

Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid

In 2009, I watched seasons 1-4. I saw a few episodes here and there after, but I lost interest during the contract debacle. Still, when I found out Netflix had added seasons 1-9, I decided it was time to get caught up. As of writing this, I'm halfway through season 5, but I'm spoiled for most (if not all) major events through season 9, so no concerns there.

Although I love the entire BAU (including Elle), Prentiss and Reid are my favorites. So really, write anything focusing on her and/or him, and I'll be thrilled.

Throw the BAU in the middle of a classic slasher film: Isolated, prey of psychopathic serial killer; and for whatever reason, Prentiss and/or Reid end(s) up weaponless. Or maybe they find themselves in an abandoned warehouse, with rumors of a haunting. Or maybe there's a devastating (and horrifying) virus being spread by an unsub. Maybe there are zombies.

Maybe the BAU has a costume party. Maybe Hotch needs someone to take Jack trick-or-treating and Prentiss and/or Reid volunteer(s). The team could go to a Halloween carnival, complete with a haunted house, under the guise of "team bonding," but really just so two of them will finally hook up. Or maybe it's the day after Halloween and someone's just indulging in all the leftover candy.

Prentiss/Reid is my OTP, but I also ship Hotch/JJ, Morgan/Garcia, and Reid/JJ. I didn't request Elle or Gideon, but if you want to bring back either of them, that'd be awesome, too.

Etta Bishop, September

I'm one of those rare birds who loves everything about Fringe. I love the parallel worlds and the time travel and Lincoln/Olivia and Peter/Olivia and Walter's relationships with everyone. I love Etta and Astrid and the Observers and all the monsters-of-the-week. Basically, you can't go wrong with what you write for this fandom.

I requested Etta and September because there's so little fic for either of them. I'd be overjoyed if you wrote something that featured both of them, but I'll be happy with fic focusing on either one.

Tricks: Even in the altered timeline, there's bound to be reason for the Fringe Division to operate. So give me a monster-of-the-week, like Olivia and Peter would face-off against (or Mulder and Scully). Or if you want to take it a step further, throw in some genuinely supernatural creatures; vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies. Or maybe the Observers, somehow, still exist in the altered future; in what ways would they be similar and different from the original Observers?

Treats: Tell me about the happy Halloweens Etta has in the rewritten timeline, about the stories Peter and Olivia tell her about their adventures. Or maybe September's first Halloween as Donald.

Lincoln/Olivia is my OTP, but I also ship Peter/Olivia. Simon/Etta is my preferred pairing for Etta, but I'm also absolutely down with Lincoln/Etta and September/Etta.


Luke was one of my favorite characters in Halloweentown and Halloweentown 2, so I was disappointed when he was dropped from the franchise after that. I always wondered what he was up to when Marnie started that exchange program or when she was attending Witch U.

Tricks: Halloweentown is already Halloween-themed, obviously, but feel free to take a darker, more adult approach to it. Maybe while Marnie and Aggie aren't around, Luke defeats some evil on his own. Maybe something truly sinister comes to Halloweentown and Luke helps the Cromwell witches again.

Treats: What if Luke joined the exchange program and went to high school with Marnie? Or what if Marnie came to high school in Halloweentown? Or you could just do a slice-of-life, telling me what it's like to grow up in Halloweentown. 

I just requested Luke, but include any of the other characters, if you want. I love the siblings, so I'd love to see more of them. Marnie/Luke is my OTP, but I could probably be tempted toward a future Sophie/Luke.

Leia Organa

LEIA ORGANA. Listen, when I say you can write anything for Leia, I'm being completely serious. So long as you don't torture or kill her, I'll be thrilled. Leia is one of my favorite characters ever.

Write about her life on Alderaan, about learning the ins-and-outs of politics, about hearing of the rebellion and deciding to join it. Or write about the time spanning the original trilogy. Or tell me about what happened for her afterward.

Tricks: Take any of the classic slasher or hauntings tropes and give them a Star Wars twist. Or hey, zombies in space! Or write about how Leia is affected by the single, fleeting memory of her mother or how she's haunted by Darth Vader. Maybe Vader tries to use the Force to invade her mind, but she fights him off. Maybe there are other evils Leia, Luke, and Han have to face after the Empire has fallen.

Treats: Give me a holiday like Halloween but in a galaxy far, far away. What do they dress up as on Alderaan? Or maybe the trio is chasing something strange, but it's as fun as it is dangerous.

Han/Leia is my OTP. Don't feel obligated to include him or write Han/Leia, but I'd prefer you not pair them with anyone else.

Again, thank you! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
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