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rare pair fest | 2014

Thank you! I'm pretty excited about the idea of reading more fic for any of these pairings, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Behind the cut, there's general info (likes, dislikes, etc), as well as some info about why I love each of these pairings. There's also a couple prompts for each pairing, but really, please feel free to write anything you like for them.

Should a little stalking become necessary, I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere: AO3, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any questions you might have.

General likes: age differences, AUs, apocalypses, crossovers, fake relationships, forced proximity, found families, hurt/comfort, isolated/trapped, mind-meld, reincarnation, road trips, secret identities, time travel

General dislikes: alpha/beta/omega, abuse, bestiality, dub-con/non-con, genderswap, gore, incest, knotting, mpreg, pair the spare, tentacles, vampires/werewolves, voyeurism

My favorite stories focus on the characters and the way their relationships evolve and change, so I read more stories in the PG to R range than NC-17. For me, sex is secondary to character and relationship development. If it's included, that's great, but I prefer sex not be the focus.

Now, onto the requests! Note: If you click on the heart (♥︎) beside each ship, it'll take you to my Tumblr tag for that pairing.

THE 100

The character and relationship development with these two has been incredible, right? Kane and Abby spent so much of the early episodes as adversaries, but look at them in the season finale — at each other's side in what could be their last minutes, Abby reluctant to let Kane sacrifice himself, and then standing on Earth together. It makes me wonder about their relationship before Jake's death. If Jake and Kane were friends, surely Kane and Abby were too? There's so much history with these two that we don't know.

But I'm excited for the potential there too. I think Kane's relief when he found Abby in "The Calm" and the way they kept close to each other in the finale says a lot about how far they've come and what they mean to each other now (and perhaps, what they meant to each other in the past).

Really, you could write anything for this pairing, and I'd be an absolute wreck with joy. There's so much potential there.
Optional prompts…
1. Now that they're on Earth, I want to see these two as leaders. I want them to see that they're stronger together than apart, that the difference in the way they see things is a strength. I'd love fic where they work together — just the two of them — to rescue the teenagers from Mount Weather.

2. Tell me about their history. What was life like before Jake discovered the problem with the life support system? How long have Kane and Abby known each other? Has their relationship always been platonic? What was it like between them immediately after Jake was floated and Clarke was imprisoned? And moving forward, how do they deal with the guilt they each have about what happened to Jake?

Lincoln and Octavia hit on two of my favorite relationship tropes: enemies-to-lovers and rescue romances. Whether it's Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe battling for the highest marks in school or a Cylon falling in love with a human, I'm there for that moment when two people who are supposed to hate each other really, really don't. And Lincoln and Octavia? Really, really don't hate each other. As for rescue romances, well, the best ones are those where the two characters make a habit of rescuing each other. These two definitely do that.

That said, I think there's a genuine connection between them, and I hope they have a chance to enjoy each other before they're separated again.
Optional prompts…
1. What happens after the season finale? Do they head for sanctuary someplace Lincoln knows? Or do they stay and fight, maybe meet up with the adults from the Ark? Maybe they help rescue the people imprisoned on Mount Weather.

2. Looking a little further into the future, maybe Lincoln and Octavia do find a peaceful place, somewhere out in the open where neither of them has to hide anymore.


Actually, I'm surprised Helo/Athena made the cut. How can there be so few fics for these two? Unlike Boomer, Athena knows who she is. She knows Helo is the enemy, that Helo is a means to an end, and she knows she should want to destroy him. Instead, she falls in love with him. Not because Helo is special, but because of how much he loves Boomer.

And Helo? He could have turned his back on Athena. He could have killed her, could have let Kara kill her, but he doesn't. He protects her, because he sees past what she's supposed to be. He believes in her. And I'm not sure at what point he loves Athena and stops loving Boomer, but that happens too. Then the two of them go through hell after hell together, prejudices and distrust and losing their daughter twice, and come through.
Optional prompts…
1. Post-series fic would be fantastic. Explore how the Agathons survive, what type of lives they build for themselves on Earth. What struggles do they face? Helo and Athena have anymore children? Who does Hera marry?

2. Maybe an AU where Boomer isn't forced to leave Helo behind on Caprica, so he doesn't meet Athena until after Boomer has betrayed them. I think Helo (and possibly Athena) would be different people if they met at this point, so I'd be interested to see if they could still fall in love.

Leoben/Kara is one of those pairings I love more for its potential and less for what the canon does with it. Specifically, I hate that Leoben keeps Kara captive on New Caprica. Otherwise, canon gives us some great things I wish had been further developed. For example, how much of what Leoben says the first time they meet is true? Was Leoben's obsession with Kara grounded in any reality or was he just unstable?

Although their relationship is volatile — although they're two violent and often unforthcoming people — they're also like-minded in some ways. They're formidable opponents for each other, but he's able to help her finish a painting that's part of her vision. (Honestly, I just like pairings that deal in prophecy, especially when it involves someone like Kara.)
Optional prompts…
1. When Leoben and Kara meet, he totes the Cylon mantra of "all this has happened before, all this will happen again" so zealously that I wouldn't have been surprised of the Twos were the ones who came up with the saying. He tells Kara that they've lived their lives many times before, exchanging roles as they went. What if he was telling the truth? What might some of those lives looked like?

2. Anything post-series would be great. Maybe Kara haunts (the) Leoben(s) until they all die. Maybe just explore the next cycle — who are Kara Thrace and Leoben Cony this time? Have they switched roles again? Or are they on the same side this time?


I love everything about these two. Together, they're all frank honesty (as long as a question is asked) and a cautious eye, but they're drawn to each other. He's probably the first man since Blue's father to really, properly intrigue Maura; she's the first person to give him pause, to make him evaluate his life and choices. I like that they trade jokes and jabs. I like that she steals his phone. I like that although they both keep secrets at the beginning, he gives her more information as the book progresses. He gives her a switchblade and every bit of truth, at least partly to offset the power imbalance brought by his profession. They shouldn't work, they may not work forever, but for now, they do.
Optional prompts…
1. Toward the end of The Dream Thieves, the Gray Man shows up at 300 Fox Way with a daisy-chain crown and a pink switchblade. What other things — tokens or gestures — does he give Maura?

2. I also loved the chapter where The Gray Man (or Mr. Gray or Dean Allen, whatever you want to call him) meets Blue. It's probably one of my favorite chapters in the books so far, just because these two are sizing each other up, evaluating each other…and they decide the other person is maybe okay. So I'd love to see something where The Gray Man, Maura, and Blue are working together.

Somehow, Maggie Stiefvater knows all my weaknesses when it comes to ships, and she hit on several of them with Gansey and Blue. Two characters with drastically different upbringings and viewpoints who clash at first but find a common ground. Two characters who shouldn't fall in love but do. Also, I love the non-linear aspects of their relationship. Blue first 'meets' Gansey after he's died, in a sense, and in Cabeswater, she gets a glimpse of a future where she loves him.
Optional prompts…
1. I'm surprised no one has written more on that scene in Cabeswater. I'd love to read it from Blue's and/or Gansey's perspective as it's actually happening. Does Blue think about the first time she lived this? Has she told Gansey about this moment? Does Gansey know she saw him on the corpse road?

2. What if The Raven Boys had gone a different route: What if Gansey hadn't given Blue his name before he entered the church? Would she still have been drawn into his search for Glendower? What if she followed him inside the church? Could she have experienced something else by following his spirit?

I surprised myself with this pairing. In fact, in a conversation with a friend, I commented on how The Raven Cycle was lovely because it has so many potential pairings — except Noah/Blue, which I just couldn't see. Naturally, it was just after this that I read the chapter with their kiss, and of course, my mind was changed.

What I love about Noah and Blue is that there's a simplicity to their relationship. She's a conduit, he's a ghost, and they're searching for a mythical king, but the affection and care between them is easy.
Optional prompts…
1. He mumbled, "I'd ask you out, if I was alive." What if Whelk swung his skateboard and missed? What if Blue hadn't gone with Neeve to the corpse road, hadn't seen Gansey? What if, some years later, Noah Czerny and Blue Sargent met? Give me your take on this. (If Whelk's and/or Gansey's search for Glendower still featured somehow, that'd be great too.)

2. What happens if they find Glendower? We can guess that Gansey's death is connected somehow, but what happens to the rest of the group? Do the ley lines go quiet again? If so, does Noah disappear forever? Or can Glyndŵr restore Noah somehow, maybe not make him alive, but make him substantial again? And if Gansey does die in his quest, how does Blue move forward? Basically, I'd like to see Blue and Noah after it's all done.


A few years ago, you couldn't have convinced me I would ship this. For me, if it wasn't Jack/Sam, it needed to be Daniel/Sam. Obviously, I've come a long way since then. Now, I just really love Cameron and Sam. I love their friendship, how things just seem easy between them. I love how they tease each other, that they joke and laugh together. Honestly, this is probably one of my more light-hearted pairings. As much as I love Jack/Sam, if they didn't work out, I wouldn't be surprised if she fell for Cameron one day. (Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't already a little in love with her.)
Optional prompts…
1. "Unending" gave us as much closure with Daniel/Vala as we could hope for, but not so much for other characters and pairings. I'd love to see something exploring more of Sam/Cam's relationship, whether platonic or romantic or both, in those years. And as always, there's the question of whether any feelings or intuitions survived the reset.

2. I'd just like a good, old-fashioned, stranded-off-world fic for these two. How dire the circumstances are, as well as how long they're cut off from Stargate Command, well, that's up to you. But I love fic where two people are forced to confront things they haven't said, and I love to see that for Cam/Sam.

I'll be honest, I hadn't even considered this pairing until I saw it was nominated. But now? Now, I'm so into it. Can you imagine these two? When they meet, it doesn't take Vala long to realize Jonas is as much of geek as Daniel, and of course, she teases them both. But Jonas is as much a shameless flirt as Vala, so he just rolls with it, which she finds delightful. Then there's the deeper stuff, the things Vala doesn't often show but Jonas understands. Like being an outsider, not just with SG-1, but with your own people. I think that connection would really resonate with them.
Optional prompts…
1. SG-1 travels to Langara. Maybe they go to uphold Earth's promise to defend Langara against the Lucian Alliance. Jonas and Vala meet when they're drawing up their plan of attack, instant like each other, and fight together against the Lucian Alliance. Maybe the Langarans have been convinced to allow a search and rescue team to travel to the Destiny via their Stargate. Maybe Jonas decides to go on the mission as the representative from Langara.

2. SG-1 runs into Jonas during an off-world mission, but before they have time to catch up, they're attacked (or there's a storm or earthquake or anything). Jonas and Vala are separated from the rest of SG-1 and have to fend for themselves for a few days.