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dear prime time player | 2014

I'm excited you're here! Either you offered the two characters on the fandom we matched on — which is awesome because I love each of these characters a lot — or you were willing to roll the dice and offer any characters. Whatever the case, I'm happy for the opportunity to receive fic from you.

Should a little stalking become necessary, I go by [personal profile] galfridian everywhere: AO3, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. [personal profile] weasleytook can answer any questions you might have.

General likes: age differences, AUs, apocalypses, crossovers, fake relationships, forced proximity, found families, hurt/comfort, isolated/trapped, mind-meld, reincarnation, road trips, secret identities, time travel

General dislikes: alpha/beta/omega, abuse, bestiality, dub-con/non-con, genderswap, gore, incest, knotting, mpreg, pair the spare, tentacles, vampires/werewolves, voyeurism

My favorite stories focus on the characters and the way their relationships evolve and change, so I read more stories in the PG to R range than NC-17. For me, sex is secondary to character and relationship development. If it's included, that's great, but I prefer sex not be the focus.

I like a balance of angst and humor (if it needs to lean toward one or the other, I prefer angst). I read more romance than gen, but I love gen if it focuses on a character's development or relationships (because non-romantic relationships are important too).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Phil Coulson, Skye

I just watched the series so far for the first time this past week. It's definitely a little uneven in the beginning, but I think it's gotten stronger with the HYDRA and TAHITI reveals. I hope it's renewed for a second season. I'd love to see how everything evolves in the aftermath of HYDRA. I have a weakness for found families, which this show seems happy to use against me, and I love everyone on the team except Ward.

I requested Coulson because I've really enjoyed his storyline this season. I think TAHITI makes for a great conflict because it makes him question what he knows about himself. How many of his memories have been altered? How far back do the alterations go? Will he lose his mind like the test subjects did? I requested Skye because I've come to love her a lot. I love how she's evolved throughout the first season, from an angry hacker to an agent of SHIELD. She's brave and loyal and smart. Also, her backstory is interesting — object of unknown origins, protected by SHIELD.

I love Skye's relationship with Coulson. Their histories are so different, but it's become more and more obvious that they share many of the same ideals. They understand each other. Maybe they shouldn't be so similar, but they are. I really love that they've become like partners now — researching TAHITI and drug they were both injected with and trying to clean up the mess HYDRA left. I'm also really into how they keep rescuing each other.

I do ship them — they're definitely my OTP for this show — but I know not everyone does. If you're one of those people, that's fine. I just really want more fic with these two working together as partners to solve mysteries and make life difficult for HYDRA. I definitely don't see their relationship as a father/daughter one, and I wouldn't even if I didn't ship it, so all I ask is that you not write them that way.

I ship Fitz/Simmons and Fitzsimmons/Triplett, so feel free to include that, if you like. Not so down with Coulson/May or Ward/Skye though.

A few optional prompt suggestions —

  1. What happens when the dust settles? Like I said, I'd love to see more of Coulson and Skye making things difficult for HYDRA. Maybe they're tracking down HYDRA operatives and disrupting their missions; maybe the team works with STRIKE to do that. Coulson and Skye could start HAMMER together — that'd be awesome. Or maybe they start SWORD together so they can simultaneously do some of SHIELD's old work while looking into extraterrestrial things. Involve the rest of the team (or don't), write it gen or ship.
  2. What if GH-325 did start to have an effect on Coulson and Skye? But instead of endangering them, it just seemed to draw them closer together. I love the forced proximity trope, if you want to use that, but mostly I'd just like to an exploration of the weird effects the drug could have on them.
  3. Speaking of tropes, I'd take any of the ones I listed in my likes! Fake relationships (including undercover marriages) always make for great tics, but so do road trips and time travel. Feel free to make it as tropey and ridiculous as you like.
  4. Maybe a crossover or fusion? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would go great with Fringe or Leverage. Also, could there ever been enough Pacific Rim fusions? I think not.

Battlestar Galactica
Kara Thrace, Sam Anders

This show had it all! I mean, yeah, it was flawed but…It was a space opera with cyborgs and a myth arc! The fact that it had a cast full of stunning people didn't hurt, right? And of those stunning people, I chose Kara Thrace and Sam Anders. I love Kara, the Viper pilot who was a mess of human emotions, and I pretty much love her relationships with everyone on the show. And Sam, well, I love that he was a good person who genuinely loved Kara. Their relationship wasn't as complicated as her relationship with Lee, but that doesn't mean there wasn't something real between them, and I think she really began to realize that at the end of the series.

Again, I definitely ship them, but I would love gen fic just as much. There's not much fic that focuses on Kara and Sam, so I'd be just as happy to see them fighting the Cylons together, surveying on Caprica together, whatever. I also ship Adama/Roslin, Baltar/Caprica, Tyrol/Boomer, and Helo/Athena, so feel free to include any of those. You can also include Lee/Kara, if that's your things, so long as the focus stays on Kara and Sam.

There are some things I wish had been handled better — The Final Five, Kara's death and resurrection, the fake-out Earth — so please feel free to write fix-it fic for any of those things if the urge strikes you.

A few optional prompt suggestions —

  1. I could always do with more mythos. I love the idea of reincarnation in this series, of the same souls living the same lives over and over again, so something with that would be great. Like Leoben said, the roles are the same every time, but the players might switch parts; you could definitely do something with that. I love the pantheon mythos associated with the previous cycles, so if you want to play with that, please do.
  2. You could also focus on the next cycle, one happening here on Earth, and the lives Kara and Sam (and the others) live. Also, I've always wondered if the robotic Centurians they turned the Cylon baseships over to might return to Earth. I think that'd be interesting.
  3. I'd take any missing moments between Kara and Sam in the series. Maybe something from their early days on Caprica together? Maybe something after they're reunited when she comes back for him? Or maybe something where they're on a mission or lost somewhere on a planet.
  4. Again, crossovers or fusions. Star Wars could totally be part of the life cycles, right? Also, Star Trek would be excellent. (And again, Pacific Rim.)

Eliot Spencer, Parker

This is the show that got me hooked on the "bad guys as good guys" trope. It also happens to have a fantastic found family element. For this, I'd love anything, really — set the fic during the series, or before the series, or after it. I requested Eliot because, like Nate, he's made difficult choices in life. He's done things he isn't proud of in order to survive. There are parts of himself he doesn't like, but those parts also allow him to help people and protect his team. And I requested Parker because her arc throughout the series was probably the strongest. She went from someone who didn't know how to rely on others to someone who could lead others. That's amazing.

Hardison/Parker/Eliot is my OT3. I care more about the three of them together than I do any particular pairing, but I do ship Hardison/Parker and Eliot/Parker. Feel free to write Eliot and Parker as gen, of course, but you'd probably be my hero if you added to the minuscule amount of Eliot/Parker fic out there.

A few optional prompt suggestions —

  1. I'd love something that explores their lives post-series. This would probably involve Hardison quite a bit, because they're a team, but you could focus on Eliot and Parker's parts, if you want. What type of cases do they take on? How do they run things now that they have a smaller team? How do their relationships change as they become more insular?
  2. You could also write about their lives before the series, maybe some other time they ran into each other without knowing it, or maybe Parker and Eliot secretly knew each other all along.
  3. Also, trope fic would be spectacular for Eliot and Parker. (I could almost see Eliot being annoyed that he's in a trope fic.) Road trip? Undercover couple? Casefic? Maybe they get trapped somewhere overnight?
  4. Maybe a "five times" fic, if you like that sort of thing? Five times Eliot and Parker were undercover together; five lives they didn't leave; five times Parker rescued Eliot; five times Eliot and Parker kissed?

Helen Magnus, Will Zimmerman

Sanctuary was sci-fi at its cheesiest, but I loved every trope- and cliche-filled moment of it. I loved the characters. I loved the myth arc. It was a tremendously fun series. I chose Magnus and Will because I can't imagine Sanctuary fic that doesn't feature both of them. For me, Magnus and Will are the heart of the story. They're not just a mentor and protege; they're partners.

One thing I liked about Magnus and Will throughout the series was the parallels, phrases and ideas repeated throughout, like leaps of faith. I loved the way the series ended, Magnus asking Will, "Shall we begin?" I also really liked the Magnus/Will centric episodes, the ones that focused on the complexities of her history and their relationship, like season one's "Requiem" and season four's "The Depths."

I do ship Magnus/Will, but again, I'm happy with gen fic so long as there's a tight focus on Magnus and Will's relationship/partnership. I also ship Tesla/Magnus and Henry/Kate, if you want to include either of those. I don't care for Druitt/Magnus or Will/Abby though, so I'd prefer those two be left out.

A few optional prompt suggestions —

  1. Anything post-series would be awesome. Magnus and Will rebuilding the Sanctuary Network in stealth, finally becoming equals, really working as a team. If you want, it could put a strain on Will's relationship with Abby — he keeps it secret at first, he puts the Sanctuary ahead of her, etc — and maybe pushes Will and Magnus closer together. (Again, if you want to have them make out, that's great, but I need them to as equals and partners just as much as I need the kissing.)
  2. Anything like the Magnus/Will episodes I mentioned above, where they're forced to deal with a problem and/or Abnormal on their own, and of course, they end up trapped somewhere. If it's anything like an actual episode, they probably end up wet. Put them in as small a space as you can, until Magnus and Will fill the whole thing up, and it's almost claustrophobic. (This could also be a catalyst for Magnus finally being fully upfront with Will.)
  3. Remember at the beginning of the series when Will would look at details/clues and it would focus on them? I always wished it would've come to light that maybe Will was just a little bit Abnormal too. An AU where that's true would be fantastic, especially if it turned out that his mother was partner of the Sanctuary Network, and that's why Magnus was there to rescue him the night his mother died.
  4. Any of the great and cliche sci-fi tropes would be fun too: Robots! Time travel (again, this time it's both of them)! Maybe something with cryonics? Maybe something with time loops, like Groundhog Day?

Thanks again!