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ship swap | 2014

Hello! Thank you for writing for me! I love all of these pairings, so I'm thrilled you're writing one of them.

I'll try to keep this short and simple. I'm galfridian everywhereAO3 | LJ | Tumblr | Twitter – so it shouldn't be difficult to dig up some info on me, if you're so inclined. But if you do have a question you can't find an answer to, feel free to contact [personal profile] weasleytook. She'll have all the answers!

A few of my likes: character studies, world building, banter and UST, slow-build romance, and hurt/comfort.

I also love tropes like alternate universes, apocalypses, crossovers, fake relationships, found families, and time travel.

I'm not so fond of a/b/o, abuse, bestiality, dub-con/non-con, gore, or incest. (I'm afraid my tastes are a little vanilla, especially for fandom.)

But I think I'm fairly easy to please, so as long as nothing from my "dislikes" crops up, I don't necessarily need anything from my "likes."

Cary Agos/Alicia Florrick

Cary Agos and Alicia Florrick: the new Will and Diane. Their relationship has been interesting from the start – competitive but respectful; sometimes add at odds with each other, sometimes in synch with each other. Now, there's Florrick, Agos, & Associates, which means that their relationship is no longer simply peripheral.

I would love to read a fic that explores their evolving relationship as Florrick, Agos, & Associates struggles to its feet – and hopefully, is eventually a success – and how they learn to work together. Maybe that turns romantic, maybe it doesn't. That's your call. But I'd love to see them as the years go by, treating each other with more respect than Will and Diana have shown each other over the years.

Alternatively, maybe an AU? Maybe Cary starts at Stern, Lockhart, and Gardner before the series, and he's her lawyer at some point? Or maybe Alicia is one of Cary's law school professors? Maybe Alicia doesn't leave with first.

Other pairings you might include, if you want: Will/Alicia, Cary/Kalinda, Eli/Alicia.

Johanna Mason/Peeta Mellark

You probably know that Johanna Mason/Gale Hawthorne is popular. You may even ship it. (Kudos to you if so. It's a great pairing.) But I think part of the reason it's such a popular pairing is that Johanna and Gale just get each other, right? They see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, probably.

You may be wondering why I'm talking about Johanna and Gale when I requested Johanna and Peeta. Here's why: I think the things that make Johanna/Gale a popular pairing make Johanna/Peeta an interesting one. Johanna could be Peeta's Gale. The fire to Peeta's calm. Johanna could really shake Peeta up. Wake up Peeta up. There's so much potential there.

When I first read Catching Fire, I was convinced Johanna would escape the Capitol and drag Peeta with her. I had this image of Johanna and Peeta showing up in District 13. So I would absolutely love an AU where this happens. They bust out of the Capitol together and travel across Panem, evading the Peacekeepers and anyone else Snow sends after them, and Johanna has to deal with all the ways the Capitol has screwed with Peeta's brain.

I'm not convinced that Katniss and Peeta never saw Gale or Johanna after the series, so I'd also love something post-series where Peeta and Johanna see each other after so many years.

Other pairings I ship: Gale/Johanna, Gale/Katniss, Haymitch/Katniss. You can include Peeta/Katniss if it's important to the fic.

James T. Kirk/Nyota Uhura

I was so into Uhura/Spock when Star Trek first came out in 2009, there's no way anyone could have convinced me I would be so into Kirk/Uhura now. But I am so into Kirk/Uhura now. (Don't get me wrong. I still ship Uhura/Spock – and the Kirk/Uhura/Spock triad is my absolute favorite thing about the AOS – but Kirk/Uhura has really taken over my brain lately.)

They've come a long way since that bar in Iowa, haven't they? Now, there's so much mutual respect between them. And I'm sure they still argue a lot, because any two highly-opinionated and stubborn people will, but now they get each other a little better. They care about each other.

I want to see more of that – butting heads but trusting each other, exploring space together, surviving catastrophes together, and looking out for Spock together. I'd love to read something where Kirk and Uhura are trapped together on an alien planet or some place on the Enterprise.

I'd also love something immediately following Into Darkness where Uhura (and Spock, if you like) is dealing with almost losing Kirk while he's coping with coming back from the dead. Maybe using Khan's blood to revive Kirk has left lasting effects on him? Maybe Kirk has some of Khan's memories, maybe the blood has given him a longevity that means he'll outlive most everyone he cares about, maybe it's something else. Either way, I'd be really interested in reading that.

If you want to include Spock, please feel free, as long as it's Uhura/Spock or Kirk/Uhura/Spock and its secondary to Kirk/Uhura.

Sam Carter/Lantash, Sam Carter/Martouf

I love the Tok'ra! These rebels are one of the best subplots of SG-1. I love the way they live, particularly how the host and the symbiote live as one. I love the relationship they allowed Sam to have with her father (and the relationship Sam also had with Selmak).

And I love Martouf of Ryche and his symbiote Lantash. And of course, I love each of their relationships with Sam. The Sam/Martouf|Lantash relationship is so complex and lovely. Do Martouf and Lantash love Sam because of her connection to Jolinar? Do they love Sam separate of her connection to Jolinar? Does Sam have feelings for Martouf and Lantash separate of her connection to Jolinar? I'm pretty sure the answer all these questions is YES.

So yes, these pairings. Give me Sam/Lantash, or give me Sam/Martouf, or give me Sam/Martouf|Lantash. There will never be enough fic for any of these relationships.

For Sam/Lantash, I'd love fic where Lantash doesn't die in "Last Stand."

Maybe he's placed with a new host and still comes to Earth with the rest of the Tok'ra. Sam has to deal with having remnants of Martouf around but not actually having Martouf.

Or maybe Sam volunteers to be Lantash's new host, maybe because she feels guilty because she was unable to save Martouf, maybe because she isn't ready to let go of Martouf or Lantash. I think Sam and Lantash's host would be complex but wonderful.

For Sam/Martouf, I'd love fic where Martouf doesn't die in "Divide and Conquer." Either he wasn't a Za'tarc or Lantash and/or Sam saved him. Fic where Sam and Martouf|Lantash are stranded off-world and have to survive together – and have to finally deal with their complicated relationship – would be phenomenal.

And in the interest of having a Lantash-free prompt for someone who might want to just write Sam/Martouf: Maybe Lantash is somehow killed – maybe he's able to save Martouf after "Divide and Conquer," but it costs him his life – and Sam helps Martouf move on from that really complex loss. Maybe he volunteers as a host to another Tok'ra, which only complicate things more, or maybe he decides to stay on Earth with Sam. It could go so many ways!

Other pairings I ship (please include any pairings with Sam as secondary): Cameron/Sam, Daniel/Sam, Daniel/Vala, Jack/Sam.

John Doggett/Monica Reyes

I know this is sacrilege in some corners of this fandom, but I love Doggett and Reyes. I liked that we were introduced to their relationship in media res. I love that she was there for the darkest time in his life. I love that she helped him put that time (and his son) to rest. Mulder/Scully is my OTP for this fandom, so obviously I'm also really into the believer/skeptic dynamic too.

Now, Fox/Chris Carter dropped the ball with this whole apocalypse thing – where was my alien invasion movie in 2012? where? – but maybe, hey, maybe that date was wrong. And as much as I've always wanted to see Mulder and Scully staring down the apocalypse, I also want to know what part Doggett and Reyes play in it. Do they reunite with Mulder and Scully to fight against the invasion? Do they do their own thing? I would really, really be into a fic about that.

I'd also love something that just looks at their lives these last twelve years. What did they do after Mulder and Scully disappeared? Did they continue to work for the FBI? Did they ever get together?

And casefic is always great, so if you want to just write casefic that really pulls at the heartstrings like "4-D" or "Audrey Pauley," that would be excellent as well.

Other pairings I ship: Skinner/Scully, Mulder/Reyes.